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Your ignorance is Their power.

"It is important not to worship what is known but to question it." - J Bronowski   •   DiF interview

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


DEW vs Baltimore Key Bridge

A 50+ part series delving deeply into all currently known anomalous evidence, particularly the use of Directed Energy Weapons to take-down Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge for economic gains. Curated. Updated.

DEW vs Chile

Examines all currently known anomalous evidence from a DEW-first view. Curated. Updated.

DEW vs Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Examines all currently known anomalous evidence from a DEW-first view. Curated. Updated.

"AI ad-hoc lethal ambush" by kamikazee drone


ROBOCOP. TERMINATOR. It's long been predictively-programmed.

Soon, if not already, drones will not necessarily explode but rather carry compact, high-intensity LASERs and/or microwave Directed Energy Weapons. deps.org Directed Energy Professionals Society, online since 1999, has huge military contractors not hiding but selling books, classes, memberships!

See BOSTON DYNAMICS right up there in the killer madness. See max-paid Matt Damon / Jodi Foster power-lead impressionable minds into dystopiana via ELYSIUM 2014 the movie all about this and more.

SOURCE VIDEO shows military promo footage

Video comment: "Elbit Systems in UK had the Elbit Ferranti factory in Oldham as one of 10 owned by Elbit in the UK. A majority of that single factory was sold to British firm TT Electronics for $12m. The remaining parts (factories) of the company as of 11 Jan 2022, were to be integrated into Elbit Systems UK. Instro Precision (is also apparently a part of Elbit Systems) On Apr 12, 2022 Three activists from Palestine Action targeted the central London headquarters of Israeli weapons company Elbit Systems. ... Components manufactured in the UK are used in the illegally occupied territories in Palestine and are used to uphold the internationally condemned Israeli apartheid system there. ... Manufacturing and support locations in USA, look in LinkedIn Elbit Systems of America | Manufacturing/Distribution Roanoke Virginia USA. 7635 Plantation Rd Roanoke VA 24019 (540) 561-0345 (540) 561-9746 Plantation Rd is an unfortunate historically meaningful place name for their USA Headquarters."

More video comments: "Elbit system is also in Merrimack NH, US. They are an evil company. ... Put together with 15 minutes cities, this is a modern concentration camp. ... Israel is 2,500 miles away from the North Atlantic sea but is in NATO for some odd reason."

Ponzi of Currency; Scam of "Green" - All Traps

It Happened Around 1971

"I don't believe we shall ever have a good money again before we take the thing out of the hands of government, that is, we can’t take it violently out of the hands of government, all we can do is by some sly roundabout way introduce something that they can't stop." – F.A. Hayek 1984

BELOW: Proof that all fiat currencies are Ponzi schemes, when compared to Gold's stable value.

BELOW: Proof that "green energy" is total fantasy, a doomfully unreachable dream in a world dominated by hydrocarbon energy (and life). Nuclear plus Hydro-Electric account for maybe 10% of energy consumption, abiding affordability and facility. Wind plus Solar double at best, and the world is still more than three-quarters energized on hydrocarbon fuels. Government-forced inversion from this reality, if not catastrophic, will be painful and debilitating akin to paraplegis, with going faster only worsening. Why Their insane rush?

Add the fact of Powers That Shouldn't Be already grooming the masses for "planetary solar radiation management" (i.e., atmospheric sunlight blocking, control of energy therefore life) which will limit solar energy and also dramatically lower food production as life itself is whimsically dimmed, quenched, dark-aged.

Wildphyres due to DEW

Over 500 separate wildphyres supposedly burning. Unprecedented. DEW?

According to the local news today (29 Jun 2023), Washington, D.C. metro area had the "worst air quality in the world", with a danger-to-all-life "purple" warning, all supposedly due to "the Canadian wild fires". Widespread reports of "burnt plastic smell" indicate the smoke contains more than just burned wood (chemtrails). What happens upon critical examination via conspiracy-first mindset?

BELOW: Online satellite RADAR shows Quebec as green, lush and totally fireless one moment, but then the next frame, boom, dozens of fires spontaneously erupted, hundreds of miles apart, all at about the same time, size, intensity, wind/smoke patterns. More than anything else it appears that a shotgun pattern of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) was employed. Original DUTCHSINSE report // Reese Report summary w/ additional info

Supposedly Shelley interviews with Fire captains John Lord and Matt, regarding the similarly sudden onslaught of many dozens of DEW-involved wildphyres in California (including Paradise). APT archive has much more.

Other Canadian wildphyres

Oz wildphyres

1981 Oakland Hills, CA wildphyres

Hallmark similarities are astonishing clues.

Related: Chemtrails: CA Skywatch, Carnicom, Dane Wigington/geoeng.

Tiny fire-break line stops flames from crossing.

"Code Red" Emergency - Poison Released - 127 Million under aerosol attack - Patrick Humphrey.

Comprehensive look into HAARP and weather modification - understand how it works.

Jan 6 Capitol "Insurrection" Exposed in 21 Minutes

TRANSITION INTEGRITY PROJECT posted on wikipedia describes the entire Jan 6th event as pre-scripted, pre-planned and war-gamed at Georgetown University, the Jesuit/Catholic fortress in DC that pre-existed federal government. Anyone Not mentioning this verifiable fact is either stupid or thinks you are. Military psyops were made lawful inside USA / upon US citizens during Obama regime.

Once you see these two, the entire fraud becomes laughably apparent...except that the machine (and the gullible go-alongs) are using it (or allowing it to be used) against Americana.

1. Everything Wrong with the Capitol Shooting in 21 Minutes or Less. Outstanding.

2. Everything Wrong with the Capitol Riots in 889 Angles. Outstanding. "The simulated riots in DC was a powder-keg long in the making. The evidence for preplanning and setting up a situation for disaster is overwhelming. In this episode, we're going to show you how a little stage direction and fake blood became an instrumental role in furthering the division of the nation. Strap yourselves in - it's going to be a bumpy ride... down the Babbitt hole."

"Miles W. Mathis does a brutal smackdown on the royal pain nest of Semite military intel actors like JAYDENX tracing families and family names and running the gamut of January 6 actors who may or may not exist in real life. http://mileswmathis.com/jan6.pdf"

BELOW: Capitol "insurrection" (Jan 2021), compellingly deconstructed in 21 minutes, including props used and step-by-step playbook of crisis-actor characters and their actions, across several video feeds. BITCHUTE

Zach Hubbard / Gematria analysis reveals numeracy aplenty, coincidence absent.

Poisoners of Wells

Obama science czar John Holdren co-authored 1,400-page textbook with Malthusians Paul and Anne Ehrlich, explaining how to sterilize, depopulate by poisoning public water supplies (among other schemes).

Totally coincidentally, at the time that "male frogs turned female" were discovered in the Potomac River owned by Maryland (having been poisoned presumably by atrazine herbicide runoff), Maryland's Governor Ehrlich was curiously hiding his familial relations (perhaps inconveniently related to the Ehrlichs who 'wrote the book' on chemical depop?).

Take a look at chapter 14 to see how "leaders" may be actively poisoning us or allowing our poisoning. Like the FCC and most other "agencies", the EPA has also been captured, turned into a tool of control, slow-kill. Wouldn't morally lax complicity perfectly explain the otherwise bewildering bureaucratic ineptitude and complacency?

JAN IRVIN LOGOS MEDIA UNSPUN #078 “Transgenderism and Endocrine Disruptors” w/ Curtis Duncan - Reveals atrazine, lgbtq, trans*, and endocrine disrupting poisons (see also GNOSTIC MEDIA PODCAST #221 Homosexuality and the Chemical Manipulation of Humanity).

TOXIC SLUDGE - info on Atrazine, feminizing crop herbicide, and Glyphosate, causal to leaky-gut (per Dr Zach Bush, Dr Stephanie Seneff, Dr Tent, Sofia Smallstorm) which underlies autoimmune explosion.

● Toxic clothing, plastics, endocrine disruption. Dr Brian Clement / Hippocrates Institute

A Plane Truth

A multi-terabyte archive/mirror of videos and PDFs produced by James W Lee (AKA youtuber "APlaneTruth") including the astonishing (and hard-to-find) 90+ part "Paradise Lost" video series which becomes more prescient with each successive "wild phyre" with bizarre evidence explicable best by DEW.

See Paradise Lost; The Great California Fire Chronicles -- PDF

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

Sometimes called exotic, "scalar", wave-interference, or "Star Wars" weapons. These are myriad weapons spanning from HAARP to LAWS and beyond (RHIC) with numerous existant acknowledgments, documents, installations and engagements worldwide. One example is the Directed Energy Professional Society (deps.org), online since before 9/11 with huge military contractors selling books, classes, memberships; massively and long-underway. That link alone is fresh to nearly all researchers; much more is available inside.

Trewth of Who Controls What

The scope of your information has been wholly controlled, scripted, limited. See and break free. More inside.

Most Hackers attack from ~9,000 IP addresses

May 2019 -- 99.99% of computer hacking, snooping, intrusion and "back-door knob-turning" attempts originate from fewer than 9,000 IP addresses worldwide -- which represents fewer than 0.0003% of the approximately 4 billion standard IPv4 addresses available. It is easy to block them at the Internet firewall. Login for our list of the IP addresses, updated five-minutely.

5G - your slow-kill sickener, stupefier, sterilizer

600,000 US births last year, lowest ever. Depop-YOU-lation is working and will worsen.

"Never before in history have humans been so cleverly induced to slowly exterminate themselves-- and happily pay big money for the privilege." - Amy Worthington, www.wi-cancer.info, via RadiationDangersCom

Mass Shootings as PRS Hoaxes and/or Covers

PRS Problem Reaction Solution -- Create or foment and allow the Problem; Shape and hype the Reaction; present desired Solution. Hegelian Dialectic technique of mass mind control.

Mass-shootings, partly or fully hoaxed, also sometimes used as cover for targeted kills: "Aaron Salter, Jr., retired police officer and the security guard at the Tops Super Market in Buffalo, NY, was the single Prime Target in the mass shooting at that super market. He designed, engineered and successfully created a system for his Ford F-150 to run on water. He was working on perfecting it and getting the patents for it when he was gunned-down. Total coincidence, no doubt! The other victims were "collateral damage" to make it look like a random mass shooting!" comment in youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc_tMGJh43w

Why would the US government so desperately want to disarm its citizenry after 248 years? Disarmament prior to democide seems the likeliest reason, to meet the UN SMALL ARMS TREATY stipulations, perhaps pursuant to the 95% depopulation carved into Georgia Guidestones?

Satanified Birthing Process

  • Jeanice Barcelo talks Birth Trauma, Technology and Healing / Zoon Politikon Holly Seeliger

    Vaginal birth allows the new being to receive the gut biome of the parents. Up until that mouthful, the newborn's digestive tract had been a sterile environment. Between that biome infusion, and the coelostrum from the first breast milk, this biotic mixture will evolve to constitute 80% of the person's immune system. It will determine the health and longevity, to a great extent of the person's life. The more you study the beautiful complexity of birth and bonding, the more you will revere nature, and get out of her way and let her do her thing. Women touch their power while birthing, and the attitude of empowerment is true liberation, because you just know you can deal with anything and move through the world as a confident, positive being. By the way, in yogic tradition, the mother, baby, father and siblings do not accept visits until 21 days have passed, as this is the family bonding time. My midwife just put a sweet note on the door, with birth weight and a request for privacy. It was lovely. Great interview Holly, I love Jeanice! - Robin Gaura

Gun Grab Galore!

Three Legs, Same Beaste

Trump, Hillary promote NWO at Jesuit/Vatican/Catholix Dinner Party

What's killing all your trees?

Land-Grab of Centralia, PA

"Mine fire" was made or allowed across the valley/stream from location of majority coal vein. Media-hype fraudulently drove residents off their land; meanwhile, government and business grabbed land and mineral rights. Seems likeliest a multi-generational theft. In retrospect it was shockingly easy to sway popular opinion to drive people away; 99% folded and fled promptly and within one generation the town was gone.

Your Great Dumbing Down

Asked CERN: Hand placed into LHC energy beam...

  • Comment: "Best case scenario it makes every atom in your arm race apart from one another in an instant..." Isn't this precisely what we saw happen to the WTC on 9/11 ? Every atom race apart as the towers were turned into dust whilst in mid-air.
  • "The total energy moving in the beam is 300 megaJoules. That's like the energy of an aircraft carrier moving at 11 knots." -- scientist at 2:15 into video
  • Dr Judy Wood noted that the "dustified" material kept self-molecularly-disassociating for long after the event. What if that's the Real Secret, a new kind of Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) that can evaporate tens of thousands of large sheets of glass and thousands of porcelain toilets, turn millions of tons of concrete and even massive, Bessemer-forged structural steel girders into dust within moments...

10-second proof of fraud

Lying in reverse is difficult: Reversed video shows no "plane"

Impossibly invisible when it should appear flying in, the "plane" only appears after zoom-in...because it has been faked into the footage...video trickery. Commonplace now; entirely doable then. Believe your own eyes.

  1. Tribal control of all mass-media; easier to manipulate.
  2. According to Michael Hoffman's irrefuted JUDAISM DISCOVERED tome, that tribe's scripture describes the mass-murder of non-tribe members ("goyim") and "atrocity as a mystical technique for the attainment of unmediated, ecstatic, and personal experience of the Divine." "So They 'get off' on genocide" (14:20 into interview).
  3. 36 of 37 "independent" videos of the WTC debacle were made by employees of the tribally-controlled mass-media.
  4. Ten seconds of news video played backwards reveals video fakery in the tribally-controlled mass-media footage.

Could feeding its deity's orgasmic desires militate a tribally-controlled mass-media against a mostly (98%) goyim nation?

"We are under attack by Satanists. This is an occult attack. It's ancient, it's evil, and it's getting worse every day. They want to make us serve their god Lucifer. This is deliberate; they are conscious Satanists. They engage in dark rituals, including human sacrifice, the biggest of which are the wars they make." - Henry Makow

Electrical Power Grid, being sabotaged for false-flag

"Fourth wire" being added between substations (and transformer connections being changed from delta/wye (notice the "neutral ground" exists on only the wye (secondary/local) circuit) to wye/wye (notice the common neutral grounding on supply and local sides), consequently 'tying everything together', weakening the system by negating distributed magnetic (safety) buffering and making the entire system noisier and much more widely vulnerable to catastrophic damage.

The power grid is being expensively, surreptitiously re-rigged to severely weaken it and cause harm, encouraging mass destruction and debilitation in any real or false-flag event. There is no valid engineering reason; there is no valid cost reason; there is no valid performance reason. The power grid is being systematically re-engineered and undermined to facilitate broad, deep harm by natural forces, cataclysms and purposeful attacks.

Demonic Scrying

Alan Watt

Hip-Hop Rip-Rap, Homo Vogue, Trans*LGBTQWERTY, "MMK" Musikal Mind Kontrol, and the chemical corruption of gender, sex, biology

The true nature of corporate music industry: Systematic degeneration of culture by modern music: "What you've got now is completely degraded, debased, toxified [noise]...garbage, Satanic, dark, dissonant, discordant..."

Meanwhile, human biology is slowly, chemically bent, twisted, deformed, into something abnormal, unsustainable, self-extinguishing. Ostensibly subscribing to the Overpopulation Myth, "elites" who control and/or influence companies and other anonymizing entities bend those same, to various degrees, to aid in mass sterilization and stupefication, ultimately depopulation. They are victims, too, as their tormented offspring will discover in the Dystopian future having far fewer and much lesser consumers. The agenda is called Eugenics, and it's ancient.

Examine first the creation of the problem: Sexuality misaligned by chemical adjustment, families destroyed and/or precluded:


TECH History

Project Seal -- Blast Wave Accelerator, Tsunami Bomb -- Artificial Storm Surge, Fake Sea-Level Rise

Gang Stalking / neoSTASI

  • Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Rense
  • THE GAME (1997) movie with Michael Douglas - pre-programming for gang-stalking
  • CONTROL FACTOR (2003) movie - MK, RF, GS

Moon Landings were Phaeked

"The mainstream 'Moon Landing' story is in fact a coordinated mislead. Apollo Guidance Computer has thwarted all attempts to revive it into running state. Recovered Apollo computer component boards have been disassembled down to component level, to reveal parts that do not match schematics, incomplete and erroneous schematics, and "potted" parts that have zero innards. Yes, zero - viewer watches in real-time as the components are deconstructed to reveal the missing innards. This has been independently confirmed on several youtube videos by major channels each having hundreds or thousands of videos posted over decades of time -- not amateurs or johnny-lately conspiracists. From end-to-end these serious fiascos can be understood as one nonsensical mistake after another by myriad stupid people -OR- as sensible parts of a gigantic deception orchestrated by masters. Read on for much more including very specific examples of fraud." -- comment on Light Years Ahead | The 1969 Apollo Guidance Computer

Mars Mission Hoax

AIDS/HIV Hoax - $34B, 2x NASA budget - BigPharma

Codex Alimentarius, Nutricide & Medicide

  • Dr Rima Laibow



Salem Witch hoax; Harvard biowarfare eugenics; ethnocidal Purim misnamed Puritans; Royal Society "Peer Review" Psyence, Mythos

Nuke Hoax

Military: Cultic, Satanic, Mass Ritual Sacrifice

  • Douglas Duane Dietrich youtubes - Satanic military, mass ritual sacrifice; see also Mae Brussell youtubes
  • "We are under attack by Satanists. This is an occult attack. It's ancient, it's evil, and it's getting worse every day. They want to make us serve their god Lucifer. This is deliberate; they are conscious Satanists. They engage in dark rituals, including human sacrifice, the biggest of which are the wars they make." - Henry Makow
  • John Dee, Enochiana, scrying and demon-feeding, per Vincent Bridges
  • WW2 "concentration" camps arranged in giant Pentagram
  • Hiroshima, Nagasaki - not necessarily military targets; epicenters of Christianity in Japan
  • Dresden, Germany -- first pre-planned "Hell on Earth" firestorm, totally coincidentally home to Martin Luther, father of Protestant Reformation.

  • 1,200+ boasted atmospheric nuclear blasts -- operations Dominic, Fishbowl, meaning outed by Rob Skiba as 'against the dome of the lord. However, note the claims that "nuke films" were hoaxed at the secret military film lab at Lookout Mountain, bigger, badder than all Hollywood studios combined.'
  • True purpose of Fuku radiation? Fukushima event re-interpreted as Zionic/military mass-media over-hyped decoy from 47,800 barrels of nuclear waste admittedly dumped only 25 miles west of San Fran at Farallon Islands.

Re-understand Dresden as Microwave DEW Attack

Dresden, Germany -- first pre-planned "Hell on Earth" firestorm, coincidentally home to Martin Luther, father of Protestant Reformation, enemy of Vatican/Catholicism. Was Dresden more than a bombing?

Dresden photographs evidence a microwave weaponry attack disguised as "firebombing": A firestorm would burn immediately hair, then clothes, eventually wet innards of human bodies. But, all evidence supports the inverse.

Believe your own eyes.

  • Destruction entirely inconsistent with flames or firestorm.
  • Most bodies were found with clothing unburned, barely singed.
  • Immediately flammable hair utterly untouched.
  • Practically all flesh boiled/burned from within.
  • No bomb craters in any photographs. Roads passable; railways operational. Greenery galore.
  • Steel superheated, warped, wilted. Toasted vehicles. All glass vanished. Hallmarks of DEW, echoes of 9/11.
  • Cultural city-centre targeted; industrial areas untouched; not a military target.
  • Home of Martin Luther, father Protestant Reformation, enemy of Vatican/Catholicism.
  • Dresden, Germany suffered the military use of Microwave Directed Energy Weapons. The myth of the "firestorm" was to mislead from their true weapon of mass destruction. While there may also have been aerial bombing campaigns targeting Dresden, the majority of the deaths there were, according to available photographic record, caused not by fire but by microwave radiation.


    • FluorideAlert
    • Fluoride compounds #1 active ingredient in rat poison, anti-depressants, and fluoridated water
    • Site of first water fluoridation in USA, Grand Rapids, Michigan, correlation to military enlistment (Portland remains the largest U.S. city without fluoride in its drinking water)
    • Memory -- Dr Luc Montagnier
    • Beauty of crystallization from energy -- Dr Emoto
    • Vortexing -- Viktor Schauberger, Dan Winter
    • EZ Structured Water (fourth state, H3O2) -- Dr Pollack
    • Deb Tavares - Primary Water shortage hoax

    Food / GMO / Nutricide / Allergies / UN Codex Alimentarius / Monsanto / Round-Up / Glyphosate

    • Sofia Smallstorm - The Glyphosate Agenda [Monsanto "Round-Up"] (Aug 2018)
    • Dr Stephanie Seneff
    • Dr Zach Bush / RESTORE product
    • Dr Tent (Ohio)
    • Zika Virus - small heads -- cover-up for glyphosate damage (as sprayed in Yakima causing anencephalitis -- no brain, flat-top, unibrow)
    • Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) - sodium chloride + citric acid --- transforms glyphosate into bio-usable components (FDA outlawed MMS)
    • Dave Murphy - Glyphosate: Unsafe On Any Plate
    • "Animals and humans who were the sickest also had the highest levels of glyphosate in their system." Dave Murphy, 57:00 in

      MONSANTO "ROUND-UP" (AKA GLYPHOSATE) -- Now a planet-wide, water-soluble, omnipresent pollutant, it looks like a mechanism of action for glyphosate has also been found - i.e., it acts like a fake glycine mimetic and blocks cellular uptake of glycine. The result is intracellular depletion of glycine and as a result all hell breaks looose including cancer, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer, colitis, etc. MONSANTO brought us ROUND-UP (GLYPHOSATE), AGENT ORANGE, PCBs, DDT, DIOXIN, GMO SEEDS and more evil.

      Dave Murphy - Glyphosate: Unsafe On Any Plate

      Can glyphosate’s disruption of the gut microbiome and induction of sulfate deficiency explain the epidemic in gout and associated diseases in the industrialized world? PDF

      I chanced to talk to Dr. Stephen Frantz at a party the other day and he said to eat organic only. Another symptom of glyphosate poisoning he mentioned was poor digestion as a result of mal-formed proteins. I would buy organic gelatin if I could find it. Glyphosate kills Cytochrome P450 enzyme which eventually allows the toxic molecule to pass into the bloodstream from where all number of other problems occur. I cured Gout by avoiding all vegetables, then later discovered that I could eat organic vegetables without any problem but non-organic caused Gout.

      One does not need clinical experience or a PhD to realize that anything which interferes with plant physiology the way glyphosate does. cannot be good to ingest on a chronic basis. I look at the epa max. permitted glyphosate residues on foods, and that gives me an idea of what to avoid most, for example, oats I believe are "permitted" to have 6 ppm, so, commercial oats are off my dietary list. Same for any conventional wheat products such as bread, crackers, pasta, etc. Not eating at all is far healthier than eating tainted food. One thing I've done is to ensure I ingest a hefty amount of normal glycine, the chicken and beef broths I make take 3 days to make but I make alot of them and freeze for future use so its an easy routine. Wheat isn't all that great, its relatively new on the dietary scene. I much prefer rye and millet, the latter for its nitriloside content as a bonus.

    • Eustace Mullins MURDER BY INJECTION
    • Dr Rima Laibow - Codex warning from 2009
    • Soylent Greenish "ban on meat" coming true in NYC as nightmarish Orwellian $14 billion "Green New Deal" outlaws hot dogs and processed meats. -- "The plan will cut purchases of red meat by 50 percent in its city-controlled facilities such as hospitals, schools, and correctional facilities. The new commitment builds off the 'Meatless Mondays' campaign that was adopted by all NYC schools in 2017." Orwellian double-speak / Newspeak of Mayor de Blasio: "...we have until 2030 to change things fundamentally, or our lives won’t be the same."

    Tribalism, Shoa-Biz, Holohoax, Crypto Semitica

    If "Flat" Absurd,

      Why "Globe" still Theory?

      Why the timezone trickery?

    19 northern timezones, 32 southern timezones -- Hiding flat earth

    Blinded by Psyence -- Einstein, Big Bang, Black Holes, Globe Earth theory, Jesuit Cosmology, pro-Pope Dogma, artificial sun patents

    "I knew from age seven something was wrong. I could feel the lie. Didn't you?"

    Cloud Seeding / Weather Control / Geo-Engineering

    • USAF : Owning the Weather by 2025 -- that's only a few years away...so, are they total braggarts who control nothing, or are they instead allowing or even causing the increasingly anomalous weather?
    • Air Force Research Lab : Confirms HAARP finding that atmospheric vortexing (that appears as atmospheric rings) are formed above any high-frequency pulsed radiation -- such as from HAARP or EISCAT, such as from (remote controllable) NEXRAD RADAR installed at every airport. Research details SCALAR waves using two or more beams, re Thomas Bearden. Ball Lightning. Controlled localized super-excited plasma. Youtuber DUTCHSINSE, who has predicted over 400 tornadoes day in advance using only HAARP RINGs appearing on RADAR websites:

      Links to the government experiments proving HAARP "rings" made of plasma, along with everything else shown in this video can be seen in text here: https://www.dutchsinse.com/3082016-us-military-confirms-haarp-ring-formed-by-radio-waves-hitting-the-atmosphere-ionosphere/

      All the documentation from the past 6 years of research on this topic of Plasma Rings induced by Radio Wave pulses , RADAR, HAARP and much more here: WANT TO KNOW ABOUT HAARP, WEATHER MODIFICATION, GEO-ENGINEERING

      The US Military (Air Force Research Laboratory) has confirmed that a Plasma ring forms in a bullseye – RING shape when targeted high frequency radio waves interact with the upper Atmosphere at a certain resonant frequency.

      Experiments were done using HAARP to produce plasma rings, and super heating in the atmosphere, RADAR was used to observe the plasma rings (the plasma rings show up on microwave RADAR as reflective regions, showing up like precipitation ).

      In the past, many people came to my videos (and posts) literally denying this plasma ring formation was "possible". Saying I didn't understand radio waves, RADAR, microwaves etc.. saying plasma rings could not be seen on RADAR as well.

      These denying people said that the rings we were seeing appear across multiple systems were all sorts of things... claiming the pulses were just glitches, Birds and Bugs, Bats, and Background Clutter, and even saying the pulses were photoshops fakes! (just to name a few of the now debunked excuses people tried to give over the years).

      People came to my pages, professionals took to the media, forums were created against me, all saying it was impossible for radio waves to cause heating, or to create plasma rings.

      Many people even called me a conspiracy theorist for saying HAARP rings were being generated by pulses of Radio Frequency.

      Now we come to find out that AT THE SAME TIME I was being being slammed for researching "HAARP rings", the US Military was conducting HAARP ring studies.

      To the many people who claimed it was "impossible" for rings to be formed by Radio wave pules, and said it was "impossible" to see Plasma on RADAR... you were wrong. It is now proved via military tests that your denials were fallacious.

      I was accused of fraud, photoshopping the rings, and said to be a "mad scientist" for proposing the RADAR pulses were causing plasma heating , wind rotation in the upper atmosphere / lower ionosphere.

      Now, here in 2016, FIVE long years after the online persecutions began towards me .. five years too late... we come to find documentation from November 9, 2011 proves my whole theory.

      Not only is it POSSIBLE to create plasma rings using pulses of Radio waves, but it was done multiple times in experiments.

      This doesn't just occur at HAARP in Alaska, but can occur with any HF pulse of radio waves at a certain harmonic. Multiple harmonics produce the plasma rings, and multiple RADAR systems can be used to observe OR CREATE the plasma rings in question.

      Plasma rings can be created by all sorts of pulses of Radio waves, and it can occur at multiple resonant frequencies (as seen in past AIM mirror experiments by the US Navy). We're not just talking about HF radio waves, but VHF, UHF, and beyond.

    • Dutchsinse/Youtube -- 11/27/2011 -- TITAN storm tracking developed for tracking CLOUD SEEDING / weather modification.
    • CAUGHT - creating storms out of clear sky.
    • Proof of weather modification that inverts forecast -- "10/28/2011 -- Pros call for sunny week = 'HAARP rings' call for storms"
    • CAUGHT - Ultra-powerful atmospheric RADAR blast so intense it exceeds normal by over 31 million times, and exceeds 75dB measurement range. -- Every NEXRAD RADAR installed at every airport is capable of this powerful bursting, via remote control from NOAA / USGS / Military.

    youtuber "DUTCHSINSE" explains Weather Modification via microwave blasts, scalar energy using patents, public RADAR and weather info, military documents

    The Slew of Foisted and Controlled "Experts"

    The useful idiots who zestfully if unwittingly mislead away from truth are almost constantly those empowered, foisted, propelled by the Powers That Shouldn't Be, who keep truth secret to their benefit. See Thomas Sheridan's explanation of useful demonic forces.

    • James Randi -- headquartered in a northern Virginia building whose only other tenant is a massive military contractor. googlemap to verify.
    • Orion's Belt astronomical / star alignment of Giza Pyramids -- outed as not really aligned --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE9y_-q5jT8
    • Zecharia Sitchin headquarters was in Rockefeller Center, NYC -- epicenter of Anti-Americana --

      Page 405 David Rockefeller's MEMOIRS "Some even believe we [Rockefeller family] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - One World, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

    • Einstein - Saint Einstein
    • Marie Curie
    • Brian Coxx
    • Neil DeGrasse Tyson
    • Michio Kaka
    • Bill Gates - Father involved with Planned Parenthood for decades. Every bug in Microsoft costs humanity millions of man-years. What more perfectly Satanic means of lifetime consumption? Now funding "vaccines" to sterilize and depopulate.
    • Jeff Bezos -- Grandfather involved in deep military, weaponry, etc. On track to becoming most massive spy and control outlet of all goods -- more than 50% of online sales/charges go thru Amazon. AWS cloud datacenters. Massive, unbridled, yet foolishly embraced / welcomed concentration of control.

    Bloodlines & Intriguesters

    Dark Ages faked -- Jacob Scaliger's and the Jesuits' false history, timeline: Weaponized chronology, archaeology, anthropology

    Medieval and Ancient History, a total invention of the Jesuits -- the "The omnipresent BC / AD chronology that we 'all know' today was in fact created entirely by a handful of Jesuits in the 16th and 17th centuries.": Joseph Scaliger, Dionysius Petavius, and successors. Defaming the Jesuits with mathematical truth is one Primary Reason Gary Kasparov was 'vanished' from popular culture, media attention, and cultural awareness -- He wrote the introduction to Anatoly Fomenko's tome, "History: Fiction or Science?", which scientifically, verifiably, and damningly exposes the Jesuits as significant falsifiers of world history: "This book will change your entire perception of history forever. What if 'Ancient Rome', Greece and Egypt were [entirely] invented during the Renaissance? What if the 'Old Testament' was a rendition of events in the 'Middle Ages'? What if Jesus Christ was born in 1053 A.D. and crucified in 1086 A.D.? Sound unbelievable? Not after you've read [these books], the leading mathematician of our time." -- Gary Kasparov, world chess grand champion, 11:30 into youtube

    Demonica, Diabolique, Magick, Energy Combatants

    Delphi Technique, Psy Weapon

    Developed by RAND for DoD in 1950s as a Cold War psy weapon. Now used in town meetings, churches, "public" gatherings to splinter groups and silence their members.

    Mental Health Hoaxes - drugs to depopulate

    Cancer - the profitable "slow kill" depopulator

    • Dr Tulio Simoncini - noticed all cancers are white; suggests cancer is a fungus, candida albicans; found old medical texts describing use of 5% sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in water as cure. youtubes and ebook
    • Dr Nicholas Gonzalez (now Dr Isaacs) - noticed pancreatic cancer oddly kills quickest, due to loss of pancreatic enzyme production -- Proposes 3 part cure: (1) tuned diet; (2) pancreatic enzymes given in tablet form; (3) coffee enema, to cause toxin release from liver. Claimed to have 90+% effectiveness on at least 100 patients (published with full medical records). Dr Mercola and google. Enzymes and Cancer.
    • Dr Stanislaw Burzynski Clinic (Texas) - The Burzynski clinic in Houston, Texas is an excellent cancer clinic led by Polish-born Dr. Burzynski. It is said to be especially beneficial for brain cancers of children but is also said to be very successful with curing several other types of cancer. The protocol is called "anti neoplaston." The Burzynski clinic has been mercilessly attacked by the FDA, National Cancer Institute, and every possible Texas medical authority, ad nauseum. This persecution has been going on for more than a decade; apparently, a true cancer cure would quickly halt expensive (profitable) treatments. google
    • Dr Coldwell - on diet, lifestyle, body pH balance (alkalinity). youtubes -- Dr Caldwell observed western medicine has about 2% "cure" rate from chemotherapy and other treatments (many are killed within months, most within a few years). Persons who 'do nothing' have a 27% survival rate. This jives with the "dead doctors don't lie" quip and the predatory health-care shenanigans stemming from depopulative leadership and cut-first mentality of corporations that profit more by 'managing' and treating a long, slow demise versus quickly and fully curing anything.
    • Dr Tim Smith - on GcMAF and Nagalase. ebook and youtubes -- "Can it be: A cure for early metastatic cancer and HIV that appears to work 100% of the time, and that almost nobody knows about? A research-proven cancer therapy: GcMAF is an human protein that activates specific immune cells (macrophages) that attack and destroy cancer cells. A high level of 'Nagalase' in the blood indicates the presence of cancer. Nagalase, made by all cancer cells, blocks the immune response by sabotaging the production of GcMAF. This enables cancer to grow and spread. Without Nagalase, cancer cells wouldn't have a chance: our immune system's macrophage cells would just gobble them up When, in cancer patients, Nagalase has crippled normal production of GcMAF, administering it via injection bypasses the Nagalase-induced paralysis of the immune response. GcMAF injections re-activate the immune cells which then aggressively destroy cancer cells. The result is tumor shrinkage, cancer remission, and lower Nagalase levels. ... On November 19, 2008 something touched my life and changed it forever. I had just completed my second book, Outsmarting The Number One Killer (about how to prevent and reverse atherosclerotically-driven heart attacks and strokes) when I came across three seminal studies published earlier that year by internationally recognized research immunologist and molecular biologist, Nobuto Yamamoto, Ph.D. These pivotal papers -- which will, I believe, change the course of medical history -- blew me away: Yamamoto had apparently discovered a way to 'outsmart' cancer, and was using the body's own natural healing systems to do it. GcMAF (glycoprotein macrophage activating factor) and Nagalase (alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase)."
    • Radiation suppresses immune system - microwave radiation (cell phones, wifi, cordless devices, smart meters) perhaps similarly suppresses immune system, allowing cancer fungus to grow. The sudden, extreme proliferation of cell phones and wifi might explain the mysterious but now nearly-50% 'cancer epidemic' and the onslaught of other diseases and autism.
    • G. Edward Griffin documentary on Vitamin B-17 / amygdalin, laetrile - apple seeds, apricot seeds. youtubes
    • Dr Mercola - noted that 98% of cancer patients also had a root canal; possible chronic source of fungal or other infection, and against there's that cancer--fungus connection with candida albicans ("bad-breath mouth germs") noted by Dr Tulio Simoncini. youtubes and mercola.com
    • Rick Simpson's Run From the Cure on youtube
    • Dr. Tent - Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - the weaponized cancer virus / Oswald (JFK) link outed by Judyth Vary Baker, Ed Haslam and others.
    • Dr Mary's Monkey makes most interesting links amongst cancer, cuba, JFK, Oswald, the military, bio-weapons, and the medical / cancer / anti-cancer establishment. Beware, however, as all involved in the story with its sudden emergence appear to be tribesmen.
    • 2013-0728 -- Hoxsey: The Quack Who Cured Cancer - How The AMA & FDA Shut Down 17 Cancer Clinics

    Obama, the ever-oddening Fuddy "fix", induced plane crash, massive payoff and death hoax, complicitly involved military, and Directed Energy Weapons

    Hugo Feugen's book "The Fuddy Hoax"

    Military and several agencies deeply and directly involved in political intriuge, deception and propaganda - Directed Energy Weapons possibly used to induce the "plane crash"; allowing faked death of Fuddy, massive insurance money payoff to Fuddy family (from aircraft engine maker), and convenient total exit from all accountability of Obama's long-time tool, stooge, fixer, and bringer-forth of "long form birth certificate", Loretta Fuddy.

    The book "Where's the Birth Certificate" came out (spring 2011) to coincide with the ramp-up of the Obama regime 2 election. At that time nationwide billboards decried Obama's unconstitutional ineligibility to hold American Presidency, as he was presumed foreign-born, unable to produce a real birth certificate that could withstand scrutiny against forgery / fakery. Even then-candidate Trump was cajoling Obama about his lack of birth certificate (even while his own birth certificate was also called into serious question). Awareness of Obama's birth certificate fraud was a potentially campaign-destroying issue.

    To solve the problem, Loretta Fuddy, a long-time friend and assistant to the Obama family, was brought into action. She had no medical training yet was suddenly crammed into office of Health Director of Hawaii in Jan 2011 (responsible for birth certificates, authentication, etc.). The credentialed person previously holding that position was forced out unexpectedly, presumably under threat, duress. Fuddy was confirmed within 2 months (Mar 2011). Fuddy set to work releasing the "long form" birth certificate of Obama which, even though it contained numerous glaring flaws and scars of forgery (I looked at it closely and have to find any greater example of "photoshopping"), was apparently "good enough" for the tribally-controlled mass-media to silence their pecking temporarily.

    38:55 into https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm534di4HCo -- Several of the propellor blades (hardened titantium steel, completely unbending, very brittle and hard) "came loose" and destroyed most other blades inside the engine examined. Fine metallic dust coated the blades; many of the titanium blades had melted. The engine that was inexplicably "ditched" during the low-speed, easily survived impact (of everyone aboard, including Loretta Fuddy) was not examined, per NTSB. The inconceivability of the destruction discovered matches tellingly closely the same melted propellor blades found in TWA-800, which was hit, most plausibly, by Directed Energy Weapons.

    After FOIA requests US Navy revealed nearness of two destroyers, a submarine, and aircraft in the immediate vicinity of the remote crash-site (in the protected waters adjacent to an isolated Leper colony on Molokai Island, Hawaii) just before, during and after the 'induced crash' incident. Delayed response from military stalling, and some documents were redacted for "national security".

    Video analysis reveals what appear to be a diver, impossibly on-scene immediately after passengers got into the water, in addition to photos / video-stills of what appear to be a highly-advanced, miniaturized underwater communication drone submarine with camera.

    (After reviewing the entire footage below, I didn't see any "divers", and the "high-tech submersible drone" could just as readily be a piece of the life-jacketry or other gear thrashed about in the haphazard submergence. Maybe it was part of an EPIRB?)

    One of the 9 total crash survivors, some Zionic press notes a "priest" (presume a Jesuit, given diabolical history) as having described Fuddy's last moments floating calmly in the water as "slowly slipping away". Was she administered a temporarily-zombifying poison, only to be revived later, escape all accountability, and flee to enjoy her massive monetary payoff? Or was she actually killed, or possibly allowed to let die?

    There's actually no publicly available proof that Loretta Fuddy died.

    Maybe all this extraordinarily unlikely coincidence is instead entirely natural and there's zero intrigue at all... Zapruder-esque video of the induced crash exists (per a Go-Pro camera used by another victim aboard). Note that the video is almost completely contrary to what was reported by the pilot and at least one passenger -- particularly the "loud bang"prior to the subsequent "total silence" of the "totally failed" engines, etc. The video, unless doctored, shows all the claims were bullshit. Strange that the video was only 18 minutes long; reminds of the "sinister forces" responsible for erasing 18 minutes of the Nixon White House tapes...

    Crash site is only a few hundred yards away from beach of an 1866 Leper colony on Molokai Island, in shallow 14 feet of water, yet suspiciously still "off-limits" to nearly everyone.

    Flight path also improbable if not impossible. Extant video and audio counters testimony. In intervening years, the directly involved Malakai Air has survived even thrived, despite having taken up dubiously profitable flight routes. Payola? NTSB concluded Fuddy was wearing an infant life-vest, only partially inflated, and her cause of death was "acute cardiac arrhythmia due to hyperventilation."

    Add Fuddy to the long and growing list of convenient "coincidental" deaths in airplane crashes.

    Eckert before Fuddy

    ABOVE: Bev Eckert was an outspoken 9/11 widow who refused to take the 'hush money'; instead, she kept pressing for a true investigation of 9/11, met with Obama, and filed a lawsuit that would compel testimony under oath. Beautiful. Wealthy. Outspoken. Angry. Widowed. She just wouln't shut-the-funk-up. How to silence that....hmmm, well, how about complimentary tickets to a plane crash? It worked before, when E. Howard Hunt's wife along with 11 other persons involved with Watergate investigations were also shut-the-funk-upped-en-masse (flight 553, Chicago). So...who else was perished along with Eckert aboard flight 3407?

    ABOVE: Also wiped on Colgan flight 3407 with Eckert -- Harvard-Yaleite activist Alison Des Forges, "leading light in African human rights" and senior adviser of New York-based Human Rights Watch\, spent four years in Rwanda documenting 1994 genocide (world leading expert) and had testified to U.N. and congressional panels; biography described her as historian also expert on Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo; French speaker; earned history degree Harvard, history Ph.D. Yale. CNN: Des Forges wrote book on Rwanda, was working on report on killings in Congo.

    According to NYTimes: "In Buffalo, employees at the 600-person office of Northrop Grumman, a defense contractor, Jack Martin, a spokesman for the company, confirmed that four colleagfues had died in the crash, but he declined to release their names."

    Also weird: Pilots had reported hazing. Consistent with greying of corneas exposed to microwaves?

    Also weird: Plane hit only one house in densely populated area; some reports were of "nose dive"; other reports of lower than normal pitch: NYT -- Tony Tatro, who lives near the crash site, told CNN that he was driving home when the plane passed about 75 feet overhead, with its nose pitched lower than normal and its wings tilted. The plane struck the ground moments later, he said." The plane took off nearly two hours late from Newark Liberty Airport at 9:19 p.m. and crashed about 10:20 p.m. Eastern time, five minutes before it was due to land. David Bissonette, the emergency coordinator for the town of Clarence Center, told reporters around 4 a.m. that the plane had made “a direct hit” on the house at 6038 Long Street in Clarence Center. “It’s remarkable that it only took one house,” he said. “It could have easily taken the whole neighborhood.” Mr. Bissonette said the only piece of the plane that remained recognizable was the tail. The investigation, he said, would be “painstaking” because of the amount of damage to the plane and the house.

    Also weird: "An intense fire at the site of the crash, fueled by a natural gas leak, initially made it difficult for the investigators to retrieve the voice and data recorders, Mr. Chealander said. Fourteen investigators from the board are at work seeking the cause of the crash, he said at a news conference on Friday morning." Was the crash site being extra-heated with microwave attack after?

    Also weird: NTSB to airlift engines...

    Also weird: multiple eyewitness reports of three explosions preceding the crash; then "a mushroom [explosion/fireball/cloud], then another, then popping as it continued to explode" 15:30 into local news

    Also weird: Eyewitnesses to crash -- "the house is all gone; completely leveled" --- 27:45 into video, Bob Dworak: "[we] couldn't really make out an airplane in the pile, 10 to 15 feet [total height, including house and plane]." 39:15 into same video, witness David Luce (6034 Goodrich Rd, 300 feet away), "there were 8 or 10 explosions over the [first] ten minutes [after impact]...really sharp reports...plane may have exploded [in mid-air] before it hit the ground...double explosion...cracking sound...it wasn't a single sharp report but kind of a double or triple fast [series] explosive sounds...[the 8 to 10 later explosions] sounded like cannon going off."

    Also weird: the power line directly in front of 6038 Long St were unharmed.

    Also weird: News claims it was told 5,800 pounds fuel on-board. Plane specs claim 1,724 pounds maximum fuel weight capacity.

    Also weird: "I turned my head and the whole house was engulfed in flames. The whole house." 1:25 into video, eywitness apparently surprised by the violence of the explosion and near instant total immolation.

    Also weird: According to NTSB spokeman, plane "oriented flat, not nose-down" even though it took out only one house, on a tiny lot just barely big enough to contain the plane, and did not even down the power lines out front of the house on its tiny lot. 0:55 into video

    Also weird: Official (Harley Carnes, "aviation expert") Zionic explanation -- "...that [pilot] managed to get [wildly out-of-control plane] level before pancaking in, says a little bit about his ability as a pilot." 0:57 into video -- directly countering eyewitnesses who saw plane diving at steep angle, Denise Fregeau 0:30 into video.

    Trees sheared diagonally, as if plane cut or broke them off when headed steeply-angled nose-down.

    Also weird: No crater. No fuselage. No propellers. No large engine pieces nor large pieces of any kind whatsoever (as in, neither wing) except for tail, convenient for identification.

    Also weird: jet fuel can not be ignited with blowtorch, as shown in this video. Explain the fireball again?

    Also weird: Northrop Grumman's refusal to release names of 4 employees wiped in crash.

    Also weird: unavailability of complete passenger manifest of flight 3407.

    Also weird: plane crashed from wrong direction, as if headed away from airport. Similar to Sen Paul Wellstone crash, below.

    Also weird: by 25:00 into local newscast, the large flame is obviously extinguished. Yet, NTSB claims wreckage "too hot" for another two days. Similar to the "buried fires" and "lava" reported underneath the WTC that "burned" and sent nano-smoke into upper atmosphere for months afterwards. Was it smoke, or molecularly decomposing, atomically self-repelling material turning itself into dust, after having been blasted with microwave directed energy?

    Numerous Extreme Similarities to Paul Wellstone plane, also taken down by Directed Energy Weapons

    • "[mainly] the tail was intact." "I didn't notice any major parts of the plane [left intact]...then I [saw] part of the tail, and that was about the only recognizable part..." 29:25 into video.
    • Also similar, the steep angle; the no crater; the no large pieces, only tail intact; cut-off trees; "fire" so intense as to cremate aluminum and steel, immediately adjacent to unburned trees; white smoke; immediate presence of FBI.
    • Similarity of several pre-explosions per several eyewitnesses: 21:26 into video "First it was boom, [then] boom, then it was three or four quick ones: boom, boom, boom, boom." "Everything was fine; it sounded like it was [flying] fine, and then there was that silence, and then it went down quickly." -- similar to report of Bev Eckert's flight 3407.
    • "Airplane was actually cocked to one side but flying in a straight line." 23:45 in -- Wellstone attack similar to Eckert attack.
    • White smoke seen by pilot searching for Wellstone's downed plane, "didn't seem like the right color" (25:30 into video).
    • "There was a tail section [visible]; the fuselage was fully engulfed in flames...and it was pointed in the opposite direction of where it should have been pointed." (25:45 in)
    • Less than 2 miles from the airport. 26:15 in. Eckert's downing was less than 5 miles.
    • Similarity to Flight 553 (Dorothy Hunt and 10 other Watergate investigators) -- "The crash was said to have happened because United 553's pilot, Captain Wendell Whitehouse, stalled out his equipment trying to pull up too rapidly when he suddenly found himself closing in the fog with another [plane] headed for the same runway. ...there was a confusing report from one of two conflicting coroners, Cook County and the FAA, that [Capt] Whitehouse actually died before the crash, suddenly, as though from massive heart attack [due to microwave onslaught]." Could massive heart attack, or brain hemorrhage, or other microwave-inflicted medical trauma possibly explain why the pilot and co-pilot of 3407 went suddenly and totally silent? RE Pic ./flight 553/Flight 553 aa_sun_19730808.jpg
    • "All they could see was fire. It had died down significantly by the time we walked out there." 27:00 -- similar to Eckert 3407, with roaring initially immolative blaze, dying down quickly, but remaining too hot for 2 days afterwards, hampering recovery.
    • "There was a strong odor of fuel on the ground [indicating it was not burned up]." 27:40 in -- similar to Eckert 307 reports by eyewitnesses of very strong fuel odor.
    • Despite the immolative, crematingly intense heat, "next to the plane, not even far away, maybe a couple feet, [there were] full, uncharred, unburned pop-cans, [plastic] water bottles that were laying right there, untouched, that came from inside the plane."" -- 28:40 in
    • 31:02 in -- numerous FBI / FBI ERT photographed, videotaped on-scene. "FBI has about 15 agents here." 31:00 in
    • "There color of the smoke, after a second glance, a third glance, it just didn't seem right; it seemed to be the wrong color. It wasn't black; it was kind of a bluish-grey color of smoke." 31:15 in
    • "It looked to be whitish, bluish smoke coming up, similar to the smoke that you would [see from] an electrical fire." 31:55 Aviation kersone / jet fuel burns black and coarse not fine and whitish or bluish-grey. 32:17 "Aviation fuel does burn with a black smoke."
    • "Parts of the fuselage, the framework and the [metal] sheeting were melting..." 32:22
    • The fires that were (burning fed by expected combustile materials such as fuel, wood, plastic, rubber, flesh) were "extinguished. It was basically just the metals that were burning at the time we got there." -- LOL -- 32:40 in, Chief Steve Shykes, Fayal Fire Dept, first responder -- "...fires that [we left] burning, those metal fires..." 32:55 in
    • "there's no explanation given [nor reasonable reason] why the fuselage would burn down to ash ... we have no explanation given as to why this fuselage burnt so profusely." 34:00 in
    • The only way a plane so massive crashed and fit almost entirely within the footprint of a tiny house on a small 1/8th acre lot, with neither propeller, or any blades, or fuselage, or wings (!) intact or even recognizable in the wreckage nor extending beyond the small lot perimeter, and leaving only a portion of the aircraft tail, but practically no impact crater of any kind and no puddles or splashed remnant of a maximum 1,724 gallons jet fuel -- is if it were softened whilst in mid-air by microwave directed energy weaponry, turned into dust, weakened and made ashen like a flying, burned cigarette.
    • The Senator Wellstone Assassination - Dr James Fetzer
    • Mel Carnaghan ran against John Ashcroft but his plane was taken down -- mentioned 38:00 into video

    When similar weapons are used, the effects are similar, the results similar.

    What the Hell Happened to Dr. Sherman

    The JFK / Oswald / Ruby / Ferrie / Military / Cancer / Cuba mystery nobody knew.

    Intertwined with the weaponization of cancer virus.

    Vaccines, Vaccination, AMA, Medicide & Big Pharma

    Zika, Ebola, H1N1 vs. picoSilver

    (picoSilver is nanoidal + colloidal silver water, Nature's germ fighter)

    Jan Irvin's Mil-Intel BRAIN Database

    Behind, beneath, beyond the "One World" globalism

    'Educated people are less sustainable than poor people' - United Nations, page 12 -- Rationalizing your stupefication or elimination: Stupid or dead. Which one are you, in their utopia?

    Walter Veith examines United Nations' (UN) writings, exposes Luciferian core; consequently, its ruthlessly-sought "globalism" serves whose interests?

    "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." - Upton Sinclair.

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    "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." - Upton Sinclair.