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Compared Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons

Photos of identical effects at WTC, Pentagon, OKC, Panama, China and other targets.

Evidence of mass-media complicity in 9/11 fraud

Telling a lie in reverse is difficult. News footage played backwards shows there is no "plane" and instantly reveals blatant fabrication and fakery.

"Wildfires" hiding Directed Energy attacks, causing the burning-out / driving-off of landowners, easing United Nations' AGENDA 21 land-grabs

Evidence supports United Nations' AGENDA 21 "land-grab" intent to drive Middle Class from their land and take it over, per Karl Marx' Communist Manifesto.

What the Hell Happened to Dr. Sherman

The JFK / Oswald / Ruby / Ferrie / Military / Cancer / Cuba mystery nobody knew.

Electrical Grid, being sabotaged for false-flag

  • Eric Dollard explains how the power grid is being presently modified, at great expense and for no benefit, to add a 'fourth wire' that fundamentally changes the entire grid into a gigantic antenna much more highly susceptible to EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) or CME (coronal mass-ejection). --- 17:35 into video:

    "The whole electrical [grid] system of this country seems to be going retrograde [ from polyphase to three independent single phases ... to lesser quality, higher cost, more dangerous, making everything more vulnerable to burn out from sunspots, EMP ] ... the way that it takes a decidedly wrong-turn, like converting from delta to wye in the three-phase power system ... almost makes it seem conspiratorial. ... it's more vulnerable to EMP ... it makes the customer wide open to EMP ... the magnetic impedances [ of all presently-installed transformers buffer catastrophes on the low-voltage sides ] the [inexplicably self-sabotaging] delta-to-wye conversion of the nation's power systems [effectively] put bypass wires over all transformers [removing their protective magnetic buffering and isolation that constrains localized catastrophes, instead metallically joining together all presently buffered local grounds, seriously weakening the entire system by making every local catastrophe able to affect everyone without any benefit of magnetic buffering and isolation ] ... If there is an EMP surge and it causes a traveling wave on the very high side - the wires that are on the towers - then that traveling wave just distributes itself onto the entire power system and is no longer reflected or blocked [ or absorbed ] at the many individual transformers ... [ The original power grid design shorts those dangerous faults out internally to prevent them from traveling (and destroying) everything system-wide. But now, with all the transformers connected wye-wye with bypass shorting jumpers, the whole power grid has just become one giant antenna, tremendously weakened and made direly vulnerable to EMP attack or event, and meanwhile greatly increasing shared electrosmog harmonic noise pollution. ] ... If someone was trying to setup some false-flag situation, this is kind of the groundwork they would lay to allow that. [ Harmonic noise (electro-smog pollution) and biologically poisonous power-factor is also greatly exaggerated, with one electro-polluter able to radiate and affect everyone, immersing everyone in a gigantic "buzz". ] One of the first cities so affected was Santa Barbara. The power companies are going through great expense to put up a 'fourth wire'...causing them to have to replace all the transformers... [ In every way, by every measure and consideration the entire undertaking makes no sense, except by insanity or per nefarious goal. ] Almost $50 million has been spent [Santa Barbara] to retrograde the power system into something dangerous, for no good reason at all, and you really have to wonder what is the reasoning behind doing this -- it almost seems psychotic. So either we're dealing with some kind of mass-psychosis in the utility business, or we're dealing with some kind of nefarious force that wants this to come about, for a specific reason, or combinations thereof."

    The power grid is being expensively, surreptitiously re-rigged to severely weaken it and cause harm, encouraging mass destruction and debilitation in any real or false-flag event. There is no valid engineering reason; there is no valid cost reason; there is no valid performance reason. That it is nonetheless occurring is 100% proof-positive of self-sabotage from on-high. In the same way that NEXRAD was installed everywhere to enable weather modification; in the same way chemtrails are sprayed all over to enable weather modification, psychotronics and nutricidal depopulation; in the same way GMOs are ushered in everywhere to enable famine, nutricide and ownership of seed and nature by patent -- the power grid is right now being undermined to ease and enable take-down by some future cataclysm, real or ushered.

Alan Watt


  • Charlotte Iserbyt.
  • John Taylor Gatto.

Moon Landing Hoax

  • Dave McGowan's Wagging The Moondoggie articles reveal an overwhelming amount of nonsense spewed by NASA, Never A Straight Answer. Of the tens of thousands of photos supposedly taken "on the surface of the moon" or in "outer space" (and available on NASA's website) not a single one shows not even one single star. How (dis)believable is that?
  • Analysis of cardboard and paper-mache "lunar lander", outing the deception as excruciatingly obvious
  • Guilt-ridden post-landing conference
  • Bart Sibrel youtubes
  • Anomalous / impossible and obviously staged or retouched photographs
  • No dust, no crater; no rocket noise, ever
  • Fran Lab reverse engineers NASA circuitboards to discover empty / fake parts
  • NASA computer code is still un-runnable today
  • Vocal / speech pattern analysis of astro-nots reveals lie upon lie
  • $19 billion yearly budget results attainable with $100 million (Hollywood movie "Gravity")

Mars Mission Hoax

Mass-Media Tribalism

Einstein, Big Bang, Black Holes, Globe Earth theory, Jesuit Cosmology and pro-Pope Psyence Dogma

  • Johnny Cirucci youtubes detail the seething bruhaha: Consequent to the Protestant Reformation, Globe Theory began 500 years ago with Vatican involvement and control of all aspects in the debate (Galileo, Coppernicus, Tycho Brahe, Keppler). Evidence suggests the Globe Theory was made to undermine the Bible and lure people back to the Catholic Pope as sole earthly path to God. Believing globe theory is the same as believing religious dogma.
  • Brian Mullin, a licensed professional engineer asks questions that show all official theories and explanations of the globe earth / globular universe crumble into inexplicable nonsense when examined.
  • Balls Out Physics, episode 2 -- the shady, unverified and unproven "gravitational constant" - Discusses Cavendish "torsion" experiment, which has never been accurately reproduced nor verified - meaning, 'Force of Gravity' depends on the word and measure of one man, at one time, in one place.
  • Jeran Campanella - The Flat Earth, Early Explorers, & The Mysterious Polar Regions - Very good, balanced, open-minded consideration of evidences for and against globe-model and flat-model.
  • Rob Skiba, 100,000 feet (20 miles) balloon cameras show no curvature. Where does the "horizon" actually bend or fall-off? Nowhere; it's actually flat, according to what these cameras reveal.
  • Anyone still taking seriously Einstein is trapped in a Zionic misdirect, as outed in C. J. Bjerknes' revelatory SAINT EINSTEIN pdf with over 2,000 footnotes. The Big Bang was proposed by Jesuit Georges le Maitre, as part of the Jesuit cosmology which supports the Counter (Protestant) Reformation, the Papacy's ages-long efforts to undermine the Bible and lure people back to Pope as sole path to God on earth. Vatican controlled all sides of globe 'debate' (Galileo, Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Keppler); therefore, if you believe in Einstein, Big Bang or Globe theory, very plainly, you believe in theoretical and unproven Jesuit psyence dogma. It doesn't matter how many parrots have hawked the lies since; go back and look at the deceptive origins.

    Johnny Cirucci youtubes reveal the deception in awful detail. Brian Mullin youtubes (BALLS OUT PHYSICS) are mind-blowing, particularly the stunning revelation that (Freemason) Cavendish is the sole person in history to have supposedly measured and declared the Gravitational Constant (i.e., there have been no recorded duplications to verify the Force of Gravity). Genuine seekers with open minds will pursue diligent investigation before condemnation; lesser minds will continue on in total delusion.

    Predictive-programming mind-control is probably the primary reason earth globe models exist in every kindergarten, before children can speak or think critically. Think about it: What if you yourself have been so thoroughly misled that you can not possibly -- simply will not -- consider any alternatives -- how profoundly misled is your mind and reality? One way to true salvation must be escape Their millenia-long web of lies.

Nuke Hoax

Who to Trust?

"The only thing 'new' in this world is the history you don't know." - Harry S. Truman.

It is easier to fool a man than to convince him he is fooled.

"A conspiracy is rarely, if ever, proved by positive testimony. When a crime of high magnitude is about to be perpetrated by a combination of individuals, they do not act openly, but covertly and secretly. The purpose formed is known only to those who enter into it. Unless one of the original conspirators betray his companions and give evidence against them, their guilt can be proved only by circumstantial evidence...and circumstances can not lie." - Special Judge Advocate John A. Bingham, The Trial Of The Conspirators, Lincoln Assassination, Washington, D.C., 1865

"The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way, and you will see a brick wall at the back of the theater." - Frank Zappa

"We are under attack by Satanists. This is an occult attack. It's ancient, it's evil, and it's getting worse every day. They want to make us serve their god Lucifer. This is deliberate; they are conscious Satanists. They engage in dark rituals, including human sacrifice, the biggest of which are the wars they make." - Henry Makow

"He who dares not offend can not be honest." - Thomas Paine

Buck the mainstream: Today's "geniuses" were yesterday's fools and heretics.