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10-sec Video proves media complicity in 9/11 fraud

Telling a lie in reverse is difficult. News footage played backwards shows there is no "plane" but instead image fabrication and fakery. Visual proof in 10 seconds. Impossibly invisible when it should appear flying in, the "plane" only materializes at the last moment before impact. Watch for yourself.

  1. All major mass-media is predominantly tribally controlled by members of one tribe.
  2. According to Michael Hoffman's irrefuted JUDAISM DISCOVERED tome, that tribe's scripture describes the mass-murder of non-tribe members ("goyim") and "atrocity as a mystical technique for the attainment of unmediated, ecstatic, and personal experience of the Divine." "So They 'get off' on genocide" (14:20 into interview).
  3. 36 of 37 "independent" videos of the WTC debacle were made by employees of the tribally-controlled mass-media.
  4. Ten seconds of news video played backwards reveals video fakery in the tribally-controlled mass-media footage.

Could feeding its deity's orgasmic desires militate a tribally-controlled mass-media against a mostly (98%) goyim nation?

"We are under attack by Satanists. This is an occult attack. It's ancient, it's evil, and it's getting worse every day. They want to make us serve their god Lucifer. This is deliberate; they are conscious Satanists. They engage in dark rituals, including human sacrifice, the biggest of which are the wars they make." - Henry Makow

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