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Compared Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons

Photos of identical effects at WTC, Pentagon, OKC, Panama, Kuwait, China and other targets of beam weapons, "exotic" weaponry, and directed energy weapons.

Seven towers (well over 200 million tons) were 'turned into dust' whilst in mid-air.

In seconds, hectares of concrete and miles of steel vanished into clouds and vapor.

The "rubble pile" didn't even fill up the three-story lobby area. The amount of material that became dust is staggering.

Meanwhile, millions of papers flew everywhere, but not one filing cabinet was found intact or even as recognizable chunks or pieces. It's as if all metal was specifically targeted for vaporization, or "dustification" as Dr. Judy Wood has named it.

Of an estimated 3,000 toilets and latrines, not one was found intact or even as recognizable chunks or pieces. Almost all hard, brittle material (e.g., ceramic, marble, glass, concrete) was nearly completely dustified.

Yet, all nearby university seismographs recorded rumble less than that of a dumptruck.

Almost nothing impacted the ground. Almost nothing penetrated below street level.

Nearly everything turned into dust. But that's not even the strangest fact.

Many hundreds of cars, all parked far away, yet all strangely "burned".   How?

POOF!   No door handles. No windows or trim.   No broken glass. None. Anywhere.

Notice the un-burnt trees and paper!   Also, no soot or scorch marks from flame.

The bus (below) apparently endured some disintegration before WTC 6 was taken down, and then it apparently endured more disintegration after WTC 6 was taken down. Notice in the "after" picture that the streetlights and poles are also gone. What can disintegrate buildings from the inside-out and also disintegrate metal vehicles and poles, while leaving the trees and papers unburned?

It is grotesquely absurd -- "impossible", even -- when you think about it.

What can do all this? ...but read on, there's more...

Where did the entire engine go ??   Two planes, gravity and a dust cloud did that?

...and this entire engine, also gone.   Also, notice the strangely "wilted" steel.

No stress cracks. No fractures.   Flash-rusted spaghetti-steel.   What can do all this?

Two "planes", fires, gravity? Hahaha.

"Pancake collapse", thermite, thermate, "bombs", "mini-nukes".   Yeah. Sure.

...all decoys and misleads for lazy, lackadaisical or idiotic minds.

Meanwhile... Identical evidence at the Pentagon.

Strange "burns".   All aluminum handles and trim ...and all glass, POOF GONE.

Identical evidence in Oklahoma City.

Strange "burns".   All aluminum handles and trim ...and all glass, POOF GONE.

Notice the fine mist, compare to 9/11 WTC site.

They're not even hiding it, (presumably) certain that most people are sufficiently programmed by mass media which is totally controlled by the boastful military's "full spectrum information dominance" -- below picture from wikipedia.

No glass; no aluminum door handles or window frames; engine missing (van); flash-rust; no soot, flameless "burns".

Tinker AFB personnel, on the front lines of rubble inspection at Murrah Building (presumably as gatekeepers). Probably not coincidentally, Tinker AFB is major facility behind airborne directed energy weapons.

Identical evidence in Tianjin, China.

Strange "burns".   All aluminum handles and trim ...and all glass, POOF GONE.

Wilted metal.   Vaporized engine blocks.   This time, by the hundreds if not thousands.

Massive damage. Growing scale. No end in sight. Fearsome.

Wilted metal. Strange "burns". No aluminum. No glass. Recognize the pattern?

The repeating pattern evidences a new kind of weapon.

Identical evidence in Iraq   (where military confirmed use of Directed Energy Weapons)

Directed Energy [Weapons] Professional Society website - online since 1999

So... instead of believing in Their stream of (four, so far) wholly insufficient and comically absurd "official" stories and explanations, how about we consider the much more plausible possibility of an otherworldly, invisible, untraceable, directed energy weapon.....

Who's next?

"The weapon can slay any being within the three worlds..."
The Mahabharata, Sanskrit epic of ancient India

No matter how painful, "crazy", or occulted, truth must explain all evidence. That is why the evidence collected by Dr Judy Wood is ignored and vilified instead of touted and explored, because it renders all common theories and explanations wholly insufficient, and perhaps even deliberate lies.

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." Mark Twain

Understand. Imbalanced. Satanic lies. Luciferian. Scriptural hatred. Ritual mass-murder.

Lies are extremely difficult to tell in reverse, so: Play their news footage backwards: No plane present in wide-angle view proves video fakery in under 10 seconds. And if they faked one plane...

Dr Judy Wood's Sep 2015 interview on Rense is excellent.

Also excellent, and only 4 minutes short. What it is to be Awake.

9/11 effects reproduced in laboratory - Jellification, levitation, molecular dissociation of metal, various materials, heavy objects.

"... directed energy weapons were a causal factor in the destruction on 11 September 2001 (9/11) of the World Trade Center complex (WTC) in New York, NY." - John Hutchison, Affidavit

Following the money...

"To sum up; the Bush Administration destroyed [or allowed to be destroyed] all files and evidence that were located in WTC buildings 1, 2 AND 7, as well as the pentagon. The SEC were investigating numerous fraud cases including Enron, Halliburton, The Carlyle Group, the $2.3 Trillion missing were being audited in the exact location where the "plane" hit the Pentagon. all evidence was destroyed that was being stored in all [seven of] the buildings that "collapsed" [followed by an immediate "clean-up" of the largest crime-scene]. ... No evidence, no crime, no investigation, no indictments. 9/11 solved!"

9/11 Was An Entirely Paranormal Event -- 9/11, OKC (Murrah building), Pentagon, TWA 800, NIST, Fermilab, and Brookhaven National Labs all plausibly and suspiciously interconnect in an odd web of numerologically-related, Directed Energy Weaponry and directed energy attacks

Brookhaven National Labs

  • sits 61.1 miles away (911 upside-down and backwards), at an angle of 119 degrees from WTC
  • was also built in 1947 (same as Pentagon)
  • has its 'ion beam' operations headquartered in building #911
  • enjoys an unobstructed, direct line to WTC
  • routinely sells "beam time" to military-industrial and other contractors
  • has most of its scientists as non-resident aliens / non-US citizens of unknown American patriotism
  • has a "synchrotron" light source that can 'clear a tunnel through the atmosphere' so the ion beam does not diverge along its path
  • had everything necessary (to act as a redirectable long-range atmospheric directed energy beam weapon) built and tested prior to 9/11
  • creates, per its own documents, persistent contamination with tritium and other radioactive nucleotides due to the ion beam molecular collisions (invalidating the "tritium is evidence of mini-nukes" theory espoused by "WTC was an inside job done with mini-nukes" conspiracy-theorists)
  • can shoot ("redirect") its ion beam over the center of its RHIC ring, through its "PHENIX" detector building and coincidentally directly hit (to within inches) the Woolworth building's oddly-unfinished, frame-only turret
  • Incidentally:

    • Rockefeller interests paid to have Woolworth building put onto register of historical places, fixing its outward features, necessary to keep it in-line, visible, and unchanged (with unfinished, frame-only turret, ostensibly used as a way-point target and/or beam guide)
    • ownership of the Woolworth tower was Bush-related "Bo Dietl" and others of similar military / neocon ilk
    • Woolworth tower was oddly closed (post-911) for over a decade, probably similarly suffering the hallmark "continuing self-disintegration" of metals also exposed to ion beam, including the strangely self-rusting Bankers Trust building, and the over 1,400 "toasted" vehicles which continue to self-disintegrate after the attack -- also relates to dump trucks hauling dirt into WTC complex after attack (to absorb or diffuse the disintegration?)
    • Involvement of the Woolworth building as a way-point for the ion-beam directed energy fired from Brookhaven National Labs would readily explain the otherwise absurd "missiles fired from the Woolworth building on 9/11" news reports (and video footage, which does show repeating, mysterious "glinting" in the haze)
    • SCENARIO -- Could it actually be that
      • an ion beam weapon was fired from BNL, through the atmosphere, a path through which was cleared by BNL's "synchrotron laser source"
      • at the Woolworth building, inadvertently glinting in the haze (this was captured on news camera footage)
      • ultimately targeting the towers, 61.1 miles away (accurate to within 33 feet)
      • allowing the buildings (and 1,400 vehicles inadvertently "toasted") to be dustified, turned into dust whilst still in mid-air,
      • completely explaining the "nano thermite / nano thermate" ingredients (finely powdered iron and aluminum) and completely obviating the now baseless Steven E. Jones and also "Architects and Engineers for 911 truth" shill-groups,
      • and also completely explaining the numerous otherwise inexplicable anomalies, masterfully collated and identified by Dr Judy Wood, including
        • 90% lack of debris, steel, aluminum, and glass
        • 90% lack of seismic impact from "collapse"
        • 3,300 missing toilets; thousands of absent computers, filing cabinets, desks, and other metal office objects otherwise commonplace
        • large holes hollowing out WTC building #6
        • over 1,400 "toasted" (burned, flash-rusted) vehicles, most completely devoid of all aluminum, door handles, trunk latches, window glass, sometime even entire engine blocks
        • otherwise impossibly deformed structure steel girders, some bent into pretzel forms without stress fractures or cracking of any kind
        • ongoing "fires" and "molten" subterranean materials
        • strange melted subterranean rock formations
        • "jumpers" who almost unanimously and very strangely disrobed -- wet/sweaty clothes would block heat from fire, but would boil when exposed to microwave directed energy
        • metal that kept self-destructing after the attack (Bankers Trust building, which self-rusted from the inside-out, for ten years, before it finally had to be taken down; flash-rusted vehicles; "molten" subterranean
        • ultra-fine micro dust that seemed to self-disintegrate, becoming finer and finer over time
        • "pyroclastic" cloud was cool not hot
        • ultra-fine misty haze 'rose into upper atmosphere' for months
    • BNL is also persistently implicated in ion beam energy weapon attacks on JFK Jr plane and TWA 800 (melting titanium jet fins, for example).

    When you look deeper and broader, you find that

    • OKC is 666 miles from Fermilab, the formerly most-powerful ion beam (weapon), in direct, unobstructed line (may involve OKC capitol building and its unfinished metal-frame dome)
    • an incredible similarity in the "toasted cars" at WTC and also before, at OKC, and also after, at Tianjin, China where thousands of cars were wilted, strangely melted, with all glass vaporized, all aluminum vaporized, and even entire engine blocks completely evaporated
    • NIST's (Gaithersburg, Md) ion beam blaster weapon is exactly 19.47 miles from the Pentagon, also in direct, unobstructed line
    • "toasted cars" also at the Pentagon
    • "toasted cars" also in Iraq, victims of the military's admitted directed energy weapons
    • - the Directed Energy Professionals Society website, formed two years before 911, where huge military contractors brazenly sell books, classes, memberships

    Given the "elites'" penchant for numeracy, these "coincidences" and blaring evidences are indismissably huge clues. Lots more at -- go see what you've been misled from.

    Suspected as related / to investigate:

    • Hale Boggs / Nick Begich plane "crash"
    • Sen. Paul Wellstone plane "crash". see Dr Fetzer youtube
    • Beverly Eckert plane "crash" after meeting / threatening Obama
    • E Howard Hunt's wife plane "crash" that also wiped out 12 watergate and/or JFK investigators / persons of intrigue
    • Plane "crashes" -- Ron Brown; Lockerbie; Indian ocean "disappeared" flights (did they 'go off globe map', as Amelia Earhart presumably did?
    • TWA 800 -- hit by Brookhaven Natl Labs RHIC ion gun
    • DEW - Coahuila, Mexico
    • DEW - Slave Lake, Alberta
    • DEW - Fort McMurray, Alberta
    • DEW - Napa - NoCal / SoCal
    • DEW - Madeira Portgual
    • DEW - Gatlinburg TN
    • DEW - Yuba County, Butte County Colorado
    • DEW - Plasco Building, Tehran Iran, Jan 2017
      • BBC
      • RT
    • DEW - 1986 "explosion" (and melted pipe) at Henderson NV competitor to Kerr-McGee / Halliburton
    • DEW - Enschende Fireworks factory in Holland
    • DEW - Liverpool car park structure
    • Cornell's DEW ion gun, WTC
    • NIST ion gun, 19.47 miles from Pentagon, direct line-of-sight
    • DEW - MIL - Kuwait "highway of death"
    • DEW - MIL - USA invades Panama, boasts use of "beam weapons"
    • List of particle accelerators

"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories." - George W. Bush

Those who lied about "WMD's in Iraq"... are the same people who told us who did what on 9/11.

"Government is the greatest foe of every citizen."
paraphrased: Thomas Jefferson; Ayn Rand