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"If you don't understand Their lie and its purpose -- the reason why They are constructing it -- then you are going to be led ... into the wrong, fake, phoney "solution" that They're pushing you [and] society into. That's the point of this [citizens' duty to alert, inform]..." -- James Corbett

Compared Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons

Photos of identical effects at WTC, Pentagon, OKC, Panama, Kuwait, China, Napa and other targets of exotic, beam and directed energy weapons.

BELOW: Near-total cremation of metals, glass, aluminum, steel, otherwise inexplicable except by Directed Energy Weaponry. Thousands of cars in Paradise, CA "wyldephyre" alone. No end in sight until masses recognize effects of military's new weaponry.

BELOW: What appears to be a DEW attack 'test-run' sharing hallmark damage of Directed Energy Weaponry: No glass, no aluminum, no glass trim, no door handles, no soot, wilted metal sometimes with gaping holes and/or insta-rust, melted tires/wheels, defies normal explanation. Reported on November 13, 2013, this site (Watkins Regional Park, Prince Georges County Maryland) may be a test for DEW technologies later used in California Wild Fyres. Notice the immediately adjacent (even overhanging) yet totally unscorched trees, vegetation, etc. "[Anita] Pesses says in her 24 years working for [P.G. County Dept. Parks Recreation], she has never seen anything comparable to the [11] charred vehicles all in a row. 'It's very, very different.'" Source

LOL -- of course in the local media it's a total and utter mystery to everyone, except those who know about Directed Energy Weapons. The number 11 vehicles is not lost on those with an eye for hallmark geomancy.

Trewth of Who Controls What

The scope of your information has been controlled, scripted, limited. Break free.

5G - your slow-kill sickener, stupefier, sterilizer

600,000 US births last year, lowest ever. Depop-YOU-lation is working and will be worsened.

Satanified Birthing Process

  • Jeanice Barcelo talks Birth Trauma, Technology and Healing / Zoon Politikon Holly Seeliger

    Vaginal birth allows the new being to receive the gut biome of the parents. Up until that mouthful, the newborn's digestive tract had been a sterile environment. Between that biome infusion, and the coelostrum from the first breast milk, this biotic mixture will evolve to constitute 80% of the person's immune system. It will determine the health and longevity, to a great extent of the person's life. The more you study the beautiful complexity of birth and bonding, the more you will revere nature, and get out of her way and let her do her thing. Women touch their power while birthing, and the attitude of empowerment is true liberation, because you just know you can deal with anything and move through the world as a confident, positive being. By the way, in yogic tradition, the mother, baby, father and siblings do not accept visits until 21 days have passed, as this is the family bonding time. My midwife just put a sweet note on the door, with birth weight and a request for privacy. It was lovely. Great interview Holly, I love Jeanice! - Robin Gaura

Gun Grab Agenda

What's killing all your trees?

Their Big Trick underneath Centralia, Pennsylvania, actually just another occulted land-grab ?

"Mine fire" was set on one side of the valley/stream; fire couldn't get beneath the water table to ignite other side, where the majority of the coal is. Mine fire was used to drive the residents out, close the town down; meanwhile, government and business grabbed up land and mineral rights. Was it all just a multi-generational fraud?

  • Andy Ostrowski discusses Centralia, PA (1 of 3)
  • Andy Ostrowski discusses Centralia, PA (2 of 3)
  • Andy Ostrowski discusses Centralia, PA (3 of 3)
  • "My name is Andy Ostrowski. I'm currently ... a candidate for United States Congress ... that covers Columbia County [the borough of Centralia]. I'm also one of the lawyers who represented about 8 or 10 of the last remaining property owners in Centralia."

    "What happened in Centralia was basically a fraud. There are billions and billions dollars worth of [highest purity, highest quality anthracite] coal running right underneath [Centralia]. And as you see [in 2014], there's no evidence of any fire anywhere. However, 20 years ago there was a projection, or at least the image created [in mass media] that we were going to be standing in the middle of a raging inferno right now. [That false projection, media-hyped imagery was used to fraudulenty drive out all the residents and grab all the land and mineral rights.]" -- 3:36 into part 1.

    "Never a single time in any proceeding did [the Pennsylvania government, any business, any person, or any other entity] present evidence to justify the entire premise of the takings of the properties, nor the entire premise that there was [underground mine] fire that was going to threaten [Centralia]. There is no justification on the record anywhere, other than people saying it, people presenting it, creating a [mass media] frenzy back during the 1990s."" [THAT exemplifies the heinous power of Zionic Tribal Mass Media (AKA demonstrably dangerously homogenized and top-down controlled "fake news") that must be exposed to subvert its evil works.] -- 12:41 into part 1.

Your Great Dumbing Down

Putting your hand in the Large Hadron Collider...

... how about putting a World Trade Center in the Large Hadron Collider ?

  • Comment: "Best case scenario it makes every atom in your arm race apart from one another in an instant..."
  • "The total energy moving in the beam is 300 megaJoules. That's like the energy of an aircraft carrier moving at 11 knots." -- scientist at 2:15 into video
  • What would happen if you put, say, a World Trade Center tower in the beam of the LHC's little brother, Brookhaven's RHIC ?
  • What if you leased "beam time" and then conveniently tapped the RHIC "ion gun" beam at (BNL) Brookhaven Natl Labs (which sits 61.1 miles from World Trade Center (911 upside-down and backwards) at an angle of 119 degrees, in a direct line-of-sight, and is headquartered in building #911 at Brookhaven facility) at its BRAHMS or even PHOENIX junctures, and then shot that "ion gun" beam through a tunnel created in the atmosphere (to keep the beam from spreading due to collision with atmospheric particles: water, dust, etc) with Brookhaven's highly-touted Synchrotron LASER directly at the northeastern (and unfinished) spire atop the Woolworth Building, which has been kept untouched/unfinished by force of law (Register of Historical Places) and is in direct line-of-sight to BNL, which, let's imagine, housed a collimating lense and/or a beam reflective panel, and then arranged to have that "ion gun" beam swept up and down along the height of the World Trade Towers on 9/11/2001.
    1. Could the interactions of the beam with atmospheric contaminants (smoke, dust, etc) plausibly create the "glints" that were reported on record as "missiles fired from roof of Woolworth Building" ?
    2. Could the interactions of the beam with the aluminum and steel of the trade towers cause a disintegrative effect that would result in the "dustification" of the metals and ultimately a relatively weight-less "collapse", explaining the evidence collected by Dr Judy Wood and as reproducibly known as the Hutchison Effect ?
    3. Would the rampant "tritium contamination" (seen over decades at the Brookhaven RHIC ion gun due to its matter-disintegrative purpose) also occur (and entirely explain the highly unusual amounts of such evidence found) at the World Trade Center towers, where and when, say, the BNL RHIC ion gun beam struck the aluminum, steel, concrete and other materials therein ?
    4. Is it all so absurdly absurd, or is it even remotely plausible, especially when given some serious portion of the $2.3 trillion black military budget that Donald Rumsfeld had admitted in a press conference at the Pentagon not even 24 hours prior to the "9/11 attacks" ?

10-sec Video proves media complicity in 9/11 fraud

Telling a lie in reverse is difficult. News footage played backwards shows there is no "plane" but instead image fabrication and fakery. Visual proof in 10 seconds. Impossibly invisible when it should appear flying in, the "plane" only materializes at the last moment before impact. Watch for yourself.

"Wildfires" as cover for Directed Energy Attacks

"Just seems weird that only buildings catch fire."

"Why aren't the trees burning, only houses... looks weaponized, not natural fire"

"Wildfires" hiding Directed Energy attacks, causing the burning-out / driving-off of landowners, facilitating United Nations' AGENDA 21 land-grabs

Growing evidence supports United Nations' AGENDA 21 "land-grab" intent to drive Middle Class from their land and take it over, per Karl Marx' Communist Manifesto. A simple, old idea, enabled by patented new "exotic" weaponry and military industrial complex gone wild.

UN AGENDA 21 is behind the land-grab and also the rain-grab. If you are just learning about this now, you are extremely far behind -- AGENDA 21 came about in the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, and Your Gov has been slowly eroding your rights and liberties towards folding you into the openly Luciferian One World / globalist madness under United Nations. That you don't know about this fact, and/or that you don't believe it to be true, well that is to your great detriment, and to Their great gain.


Electrical Power Grid, being sabotaged for false-flag

"Fourth wire" being added between substations (and transformer connections being changed from delta/wye to wye/wye), consequently 'tying everything together', weakening the system by negating distributed magnetic (safety) buffering and making the entire system noisier and much more widely vulnerable to catastrophic damage.

The power grid is being expensively, surreptitiously re-rigged to severely weaken it and cause harm, encouraging mass destruction and debilitation in any real or false-flag event. There is no valid engineering reason; there is no valid cost reason; there is no valid performance reason. The power grid is being systematically re-engineered and undermined to facilitate broad, deep harm by natural forces, cataclysms and purposeful attacks.

  • Aug 2018 -- Eric Dollard explains how the tying-together of the neutral lines on both sides of power transformers, which was forbidden for technical good safety reasons until lately, is weakening the entire power grid, making it more susceptible to damage and also making it more electrically pollutive.

    "There's so much stray current flowing in the Earth now that [it has completely jammed my ELF extremely low frequency measurements]. In one particular location [measured], 1,200 feet of distance between two ground terminals, the interference is ten-million times stronger than the signal. I can actually [measure a reading] just between two ground rods spaced 1,200 feet apart, in rather poor conductivity soil, with a total impedance of about 500 ohms.

    "[This absurd amount of electrical noise in the Earth] is coming out of this [new, self-destructive] practice of double-wye connecting the transformers and then tying the neutrals together [across the transformer, thus bypassing its natural magnetic buffer which has until now inherently provided substantial noise reduction and safety magnification], so the zero-sequence component of the entire transmission system infects the distribution system and tries to find its way back through the Earth; it also messes up [the clearing of large-scale] ground faults, [making it] next to impossible.

    "Basically, this [new fangled] configuration of double-wye and common neutrals and multiple grounds is actually prohibited in the original textbooks [and electrical power grid designs] ... because what it does, particularly with the common neutrals, is it separates the [original, safe] polyphase power system into three independent single-phase power systems which at the third harmonic all become in-phase, so you can end up with a neutral current in a balanced configuration that's actually greater than the line current.

    "This is starting to happen [appreciably] now: The stray currents are flowing everywhere. Any transients on the high-voltage neutral get into the low-voltage neutral, and then that gets into the customers' neutrals, so people are getting serious shocks and livestock are being tormented by the gradients [what "60 Minutes" long ago labeled "Stray Voltage"] in the ground around various substations and transformer connections -- the whole thing is completely out of control, it's insane."

    "No transformer connection should ever be wye-wye. [It has always been] customary to connect the secondary's wye so that you can establish a reference potential to Earth [locally] even though [the ground reference] did not originally start off like that, but the primary [high-voltage] side of any polyphase transformer configuration should always be delta if the secondary is wye. And, conversely, if the primary is [wired] wye, the secondary has to be delta; otherwise, all the generated harmonics transmit themselves out into the power system, and they do so on a zero-sequence level, so the electromagnetic boundary condition is defied, so ultimately what you've done is create and absolutely enormous VLF (Very Low Frequency) antenna [approaching the size of the entire power distribution system, up until the next wye-delta transformer if one exists]. And, because of the law of reciprocity, if [the noise and harm] can blast out that means that something can also blast in. [In this way, ostensibly, a fault, lightning strike, or "CME" (Coronal Mass Ejection / Sunspot) electrical blast might be encountered (real or man-made)] which makes [the power grid] particularly susceptible to any induced lightning surges, or any type of nuclear phenomena, or massive earth-current inducements from [CME] coronal mass ejections hitting the Earth [or caused by tectonic shifts]. That's particularly damaging [to the power grid] because it saturates the cores on all of the [massive, power-grid scale, expensive and nearly impossible to replace] transformers, [making them unable] to generate any EMF [as is necessary for their normal operation], [ultimately] short-circuiting the [entire electrical] system.

    "There's something else going on: Some thing or someone is dictating this complete retrograde wye-wye connection of the entire distribution system. It's costing the power companies a fortune, and it's really [dangerous] for the customer... You can take a public utility like the City of Los Angeles Water and Power that's [already wired] all delta throughout [its entire system], and even though the [insane new] National Electrical Code is forcing them to provide wye connections to all their [deep grounding] wells, which they don't want to do -- it's traditionally been a delta-connected system since its inception in 1912. [Therefore there must be some unseen,] nefarious government effort involved with this stuff... But otherwise there's no neutral-to-neutral path anywhere in their system, nor is there any grounded neutral anywhere in the system -- it's all floating delta the whole way.

    "[Using an] ELF receiver within sight of the 4,800 volt distribution lines [yields] absolutely no power line interference whatsoever. [In another location with grounded neutrals across wye-wye] ... the amount of interference, just by grounding that neutral and wye connecting the [high voltage] sending end [to the lower voltage receiving/consumption end] causes a 60dB increase in interference, that's 1 million times stronger."

    They are polluting the ground itself with electrical noise.

  • Excellent update 2018-03 by APlaneTruth (who apparently lifted from here awareness of this vital issue)- ties in EMP, planned massive power outages, Trump, FEMA, patents/tech and much more. Very good connect-the-dots info.

  • 2018-02 -- Eric Dollard conference call also covers engineering / technical aspects of the purposeful weakening of our national power grid, as funded by the (openly Luciferian) United Nations / One World forces intent on destruction of United States to make way for one world tyranny. 1:10:00 into video: "There's some kind of United Nations rule now that all [protective wiring configurations and transformer grounding isolations] are to be eliminated."
  • 2015 -- Eric Dollard explains how the electrical power grid is being modified, at great expense and for no benefit, to add a 'fourth wire' that fundamentally changes the entire grid into a gigantic antenna much more susceptible to EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) or CME (coronal mass-ejection). --- 17:35 into video:

    "The whole electrical [ power grid ] system of this country seems to be going retrograde [ from polyphase to three independent single phases ... to lesser quality, higher cost, more wires, more dangerous, making everything more vulnerable to harm from lightning, sunspots, EMP ] ... the way that it takes a decidedly wrong-turn, like converting from delta to wye in the three-phase power system ... almost makes it seem conspiratorial.

    "[ The electrical power grid is being weakened to be ] more vulnerable to EMP ... [ leaving ] the customer wide open to EMP ... the magnetic impedances [ of all presently-installed transformers buffer catastrophes on the low-voltage sides ] the [inexplicably self-sabotaging] delta-to-wye conversion of the nation's power systems [effectively] put bypass wires over all transformers [removing their protective magnetic buffering and isolation that constrains localized catastrophes, and instead metallically joining together all presently buffered local grounds, seriously weakening the entire system by making every local catastrophe able to affect everyone everywhere without any inherent and substantial protection of magnetic buffering and isolation ].

    "If there is an EMP surge and it causes a traveling wave on the very high side - the wires that are on the towers - then that traveling wave just distributes itself onto the entire power system and is no longer reflected or blocked [ or absorbed ] at the many individual transformers ... [ The original power grid design suppresses those dangerous faults out internally to prevent them from traveling (and destroying) everything system-wide. But now, with all the transformers connected wye-wye with bypass shorting jumpers, the whole power grid becomes one giant antenna, tremendously weakened and made much more vulnerable to lightning strikes and EMP attacks or events, meanwhile greatly spreading electrosmog harmonic noise pollution. ]

    "If someone was trying to setup some false-flag situation, this is kind of the groundwork they would lay to allow that." Harmonic noise (electro-smog pollution) and biologically poisonous non-unity power-factor is also greatly exaggerated, with one electro-polluter able to radiate and affect everyone, gigantically joining and exposing all to shared electrical "buzz". Talk about 'remote control' via signals entrainment -- the power grid was set up to stymie that; its recent changes are being made, ostensibly, to advance it.

    "One of the first cities so affected was Santa Barbara. The power companies are going through great expense to put up a fourth wire...causing them to have to replace all the transformers... [ In every way, by every measure and consideration the entire undertaking makes no sense, except by insanity or per nefarious goal. ] Almost $50 million has been spent [Santa Barbara] to retrograde the power system into something dangerous, for no good reason at all, and you really have to wonder what is the reasoning behind doing this -- it almost seems psychotic.

    "So either we're dealing with some kind of mass-psychosis in the utility business, or we're dealing with some kind of nefarious force that wants [ the weakening of the entire system to localized vulnerabilities ] to come about, for a specific reason, or combinations thereof."

  • Eric Dollard explains more electrical grid sabotage [by United Nations, etc] 2018-02
  • You will never believe or truly understand the anti-human, anti-American, anti-life darkness behind this until you realize two facts ---- (1) the UN calling all educated people LESS "sustainable" than poor people (in their own document, page 12, here ) ---- and (2) the UN outed as Luciferian by its own writings, all along ---- exposed by Walter Veith, available here ---- ignore the religiousity and just look at the stream of anti-Christian / Luciferian writings constantly spewed from the UN.
  • Explanation of Power Configurations -- 240/208 Wye/Delta
  • Additional Information on Power Configurations -- 240/208 Wye/Delta
  • Power Outages Blooming 2017+

    No mention of these outages (or causes) on any mainstream media, gee...

  • Holly Seeliger -- Massive Power Outages Across the USA! #EMP
  • Solar Winds Or EMP Attacks Causing Power Blackouts Across America & Around The Globe
  • Major Power Outages in 3 Major American Cities, Coincidental or Something Else
  • SINISTER Coverup Of Major Power Grid Failures? 4/23/17
  • San Francisco, NYC Hit By Major Power Outages (NBC Nightly News)
  • SAN FRANCISCO POWER OUTAGE - Cripples San Francisco For Seven Hours
  • Largest mil base, Fort Bragg, power-outed for 12 hours in 'EMP test'
  • Power outages dramatically increasing (i.e., near-daily blips and browns, and near-weekly outages (over 1 minute), even on so-called "hospital substation grids") in frequency for past decade and longer, all around DC metro area, whose power companies BG&E power, Dominion Power, and PEPCO suffer notoriously awful uptime records.

    On the right side of the generalized drawing below is shown a WYE-DELTA transformer -- coming from the electrical high-tension power company. ERIC DOLLARD has recently revealed a nationwide hush-hush initiative to change all these WYE-DELTA transformers to WYE-WYE ---- meaning the grounds on both sides will be directly connected, meaning the magnetic buffering/cushion and isolation that has afforded added safety to the system for many decades is being literally short-circuited, and a fourth wire is being expensively added, and the entire electrical grid is essentially being turned into a directly-connected massive antenna. DOLLARD describes this correctly as insanity, defying all reasonable explanation except one serving a secret agenda is to weaken the entire electrical grid, in preparation, perhaps, for a false-flag / staged / invented calamity. This is for-real, yet nearly nobody knows about it --- just as nearly nobody knows that NBS/NIST recently changed the fundamental basic units of all measurements.

Demonic Scrying

Alan Watt

Hip-Hop Rip-Rap, Homo Vogue, Trans*LGBTQWERTY, "MMK" Musikal Mind Kontrol, and the chemical corruption of gender, sex, biology

The true nature of corporate music industry: Systematic degeneration of culture by modern music: "What you've got now is completely degraded, debased, toxified [noise]...garbage, Satanic, dark, dissonant, discordant..."

Meanwhile, human biology is slowly, chemically bent, twisted, deformed, into something abnormal, unsustainable, self-extinguishing. Ostensibly subscribing to the Overpopulation Myth, "elites" who control and/or influence companies and other anonymizing entities bend those same, to various degrees, to aid in mass sterilization and stupefication, ultimately depopulation. They are victims, too, as their tormented offspring will discover in the Dystopian future having far fewer and much lesser consumers. The agenda is called Eugenics, and it's ancient.

Examine first the creation of the problem: Sexuality misaligned by chemical adjustment, families destroyed and/or precluded:



  • Secret History of Silicon Valley
  • Arsenal of Hypocrisy
  • Annie Jacobsen: "The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA"

Gang Stalking / neoSTASI

  • Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Rense
  • THE GAME (1997) movie with Michael Douglas - pre-programming for gang-stalking
  • CONTROL FACTOR (2003) movie - MK, RF, GS

Moon Landing Hoax

All you have to do is look at one picture --- Their supposed "lander" that's blatantly made of ill-fitting hodge-podged and warped cardboard, cellophane tape, and gold foil -- -- and you instantly see that NASA was lying then, and/or they're lying now. It certainly doesn't help that Their logo is a serpent tongue, nor that the word NASA sounds similar to the Hebrew word that means TO DECEIVE. Look at the growing number of youtubes, all taking apart NASA tech -- finding empty parts, parts that do not match the diagrams or schematics, computer code that no one can get to run, moon mission hardware that does not even execute the first instruction. The faked photos. The faked (or lost) moon rocks. The lost original tapes, ALL OF THEM. The lack of any real blueprints -- which is highly odd, because clearly massive things were in fact built; where are any of those plans? The absolutely zero stars showing in any of the many thousands of photographs supposedly taken in orbit and "on the lunar surface". The no rocket craters; the no blast patterns under the landers. The no dust on any landing pads. The fact that 2x speeding up the "astro-nots jumping" footage makes it look instantly real-life. The numerous "glints" made by astronot supporting wires. The impossibility of the "space suits" (500 degree temperature swings, impossibly small size for such extreme heating/cooling). The rocket blast noise that should be horrendously overpowering (or at least somewhat audible) in all "in flight" audio but is instead absolutely inaudibly nonexistent. The fact that we've never gone back. The 235,000 mile distance, never done before, never done since, yet supposedly done 6 times perfectly. The non-smiling / guilty/worried look of astronots in "post mission" press conferences. The vanishing / unfindability of nearly all "mission controllers". Bruce Gagnon's startling ARSENAL OF HYPOCRISY youtube expose. Peter Levenda's expose of the literal Nazi core of the entire project (Operation Paperclip). The professional evaluations of the shockingly few number of interviews by astronots that reveal preposterous absurdity -- such as the interview in which Neil Armstrong never once says, "I saw...". On and on and on and on. Failure after failure. Lie after lie. Meanwhile, the NASA budget is 19 billion yearly. Means. Motive. Opportunity. In any other case, NASA would be convicted; it's just that Their lie is so goddamn breathtakingly massive -- as Bart Sibrel called it, a Satanic Lie -- that most people are flabbergasted beyond all capacity. I mean, where do you stop? It's such a joke, so many times over, every way you look at it. We were all painfully duped. Excruciatingly duped. Once you realize the moon mission was hoaxed, in any small part or even its entirety, that the government is a gargantuan nest of unaccountable yet well-paid liars -- that's not just a thread or a snag, that's like an entire massive tapestry falling off the wall and crushing your leg, maiming you and killing your child; you can't ignore it. It changes you. You inescapably see everything differently.

"There's so much more evidence that they did not go, than their increasingly hollow yet vehement insistence that they did."

Mars Mission Hoax

AIDS/HIV Hoax - $34B, 2x NASA budget - BigPharma

Codex Alimentarius, Nutricide & Medicide



Salem Witch hoax; Harvard biowarfare eugenics; ethnocidal Purim misnamed Puritans; Royal Society Psyence

Nuke Hoax

Military, definition of cult -- mass ritual sacrifice

  • Douglas Duane Dietrich youtubes - Satanic military, mass ritual sacrifice; see also Mae Brussell youtubes
  • "We are under attack by Satanists. This is an occult attack. It's ancient, it's evil, and it's getting worse every day. They want to make us serve their god Lucifer. This is deliberate; they are conscious Satanists. They engage in dark rituals, including human sacrifice, the biggest of which are the wars they make." - Henry Makow
  • John Dee, Enochiana, scrying and demon-feeding, per Vincent Bridges
  • WW2 "concentration" camps arranged in giant Pentagram
  • Hiroshima, Nagasaki - the epicenters of Christianity in Japan
  • Dresden, Germany -- first pre-planned "Hell on Earth" firestorm, coincidentally home to Martin Luther, father of Protestant Reformation
  • 1,200+ boasted atmospheric nuclear blasts -- operations Dominic, Fishbowl, meaning outed by Rob Skiba as 'against the dome of the lord. However, note the claims that "nuke films" were hoaxed at the secret military film lab at Lookout Mountain, bigger, badder than all Hollywood studios combined.'
  • True purpose of Fuku radiation? Fukushima event re-interpreted as Zionic/military mass-media over-hyped decoy from 47,800 barrels of nuclear waste admittedly dumped only 25 miles west of San Fran at Farallon Islands.


Food / GMO / Nutricide / Allergies / UN Codex Alimentarius / Monsanto / Round-Up / Glyphosate

  • Sofia Smallstorm - The Glyphosate Agenda [Monsanto "Round-Up"] (Aug 2018)
  • Dr Stephanie Seneff
  • Dr Zach Bush / RESTORE product
  • Dr Tent (Ohio)
  • Zika Virus - small heads -- cover-up for glyphosate damage (as sprayed in Yakima causing anencephalitis -- no brain, flat-top, unibrow)
  • Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) - sodium chloride + citric acid --- transforms glyphosate into bio-usable components (FDA outlawed MMS)
  • Dave Murphy - Glyphosate: Unsafe On Any Plate
  • "Animals and humans who were the sickest also had the highest levels of glyphosate in their system." Dave Murphy, 57:00 in

    MONSANTO "ROUND-UP" (AKA GLYPHOSATE) -- Now a planet-wide, water-soluble, omnipresent pollutant, it looks like a mechanism of action for glyphosate has also been found - i.e., it acts like a fake glycine mimetic and blocks cellular uptake of glycine. The result is intracellular depletion of glycine and as a result all hell breaks looose including cancer, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer, colitis, etc. MONSANTO brought us ROUND-UP (GLYPHOSATE), AGENT ORANGE, PCBs, DDT, DIOXIN, GMO SEEDS and more evil.

    Dave Murphy - Glyphosate: Unsafe On Any Plate

    Can glyphosate’s disruption of the gut microbiome and induction of sulfate deficiency explain the epidemic in gout and associated diseases in the industrialized world? PDF

    I chanced to talk to Dr. Stephen Frantz at a party the other day and he said to eat organic only. Another symptom of glyphosate poisoning he mentioned was poor digestion as a result of mal-formed proteins. I would buy organic gelatin if I could find it. Glyphosate kills Cytochrome P450 enzyme which eventually allows the toxic molecule to pass into the bloodstream from where all number of other problems occur. I cured Gout by avoiding all vegetables, then later discovered that I could eat organic vegetables without any problem but non-organic caused Gout.

    One does not need clinical experience or a PhD to realize that anything which interferes with plant physiology the way glyphosate does. cannot be good to ingest on a chronic basis. I look at the epa max. permitted glyphosate residues on foods, and that gives me an idea of what to avoid most, for example, oats I believe are "permitted" to have 6 ppm, so, commercial oats are off my dietary list. Same for any conventional wheat products such as bread, crackers, pasta, etc. Not eating at all is far healthier than eating tainted food. One thing I've done is to ensure I ingest a hefty amount of normal glycine, the chicken and beef broths I make take 3 days to make but I make alot of them and freeze for future use so its an easy routine. Wheat isn't all that great, its relatively new on the dietary scene. I much prefer rye and millet, the latter for its nitriloside content as a bonus.

  • Eustace Mullins MURDER BY INJECTION
  • Dr Rima Laibow - Codex warning from 2009
  • Soylent Greenish "ban on meat" coming true in NYC as nightmarish Orwellian $14 billion "Green New Deal" outlaws hot dogs and processed meats. -- "The plan will cut purchases of red meat by 50 percent in its city-controlled facilities such as hospitals, schools, and correctional facilities. The new commitment builds off the 'Meatless Mondays' campaign that was adopted by all NYC schools in 2017." Orwellian double-speak / Newspeak of Mayor de Blasio: "...we have until 2030 to change things fundamentally, or our lives won’t be the same."

Tribalism, Shoa-Biz, Holohoax, Crypto Semitica

Blinded by Psyence -- Einstein, Big Bang, Black Holes, Globe Earth theory, Jesuit Cosmology, pro-Pope Dogma, artificial sun patents

"No message is more important and critical than the exposure of the Jesuits and the Vatican as the originators and architects of the New World Order. The Jesuits and the Vatican desire to put all humans under a police state while forcing you, me and everyone else to worship the Pope." They control psyence, dogma, and use Zionic Jews and everyone else as pawns in their game. "Numerous individuals and groups believe the world's problems are based in the lust for power and money. But who truly has the longest and bloodiest history of lusting for control, power and money more than any group or organization on planet Earth? No country, group or organization comes anywhere close to the diabolical commitments, zealous pursuits and grotesque actions as the Jesuits in manipulating and controlling your money, emotions, physical movements and spiritual beliefs."" - Henry Makow (Note there are forces above and beyond the Papacy.)

No experiment can detect motion of Earth. Scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports flat, stationary Earth. All religious and other texts, excepting the Jesuits', abides a flat earth -- the "globe theory" is fresh, entirely Roman Catholic and wholly unproven.

  • How the sun appears to "set" on a flat earth (atmospheric refraction), shown plainly in 46 seconds.
  • Philosophic Corruption of Physics
  • Chronology of 500 Year Jesuit Deception and Flat Earth
  • Einstein is Zionic mislead into psyence, per SAINT EINSTEIN by C J Bjerknes (2,000 footnotes).
  • Eric Dubay, exposing truths for over 10 years -- [Sadly, Dubay rails on against "the Jews" as culprits but never notes the fact that all major telescopes are Vatican-owned, or that all original "globe theorists" and all their "opponents" were all Vatican-controlled. Does this avoidance indicate he is a shill or merely hatefully ignorant?]
  • Jeran Campanella (Jeranism) - Freethinking The Flat Earth
  • Eric Dubay's 200 Proofs Earth Is Not a Spinning Ball [PDF]
  • Jesuit Georges le Maitre (Einstein collab) proposed "Big Bang theory" per Jesuit cosmology. Red Shift / expanding universe. Black holes. Darwinism. All portray humans as insignificant, accidental, imperfect. Einstein psyence is both cause and effect of this Jesuit / Vatican agenda.
  • Brian Mullin (BALLS OUT PHYSICS youtubes) -- Part 2 exposes Cavendish "torsion" experiment as never reproduced nor verified, meaning, 'Force of Gravity' depends on word and measure of lone Freemason. See Jan Irvin's LOGOS MEDIA / UNSPUN youtube expose of Royal Society as psyentific hoaxsters, using "peer review" to railroad independent thought and research.
  • Michelson - Morley "experiment" involved career Navy / military (Morley) influence coupled with (Michelson) familial Jesuit and religious zealotry.
  • Mounting evidence reveals "Theory of Relativity" came from Einstein's first wife and was taken from monk in her home town -- her house directly adjunct to Catholic church.
  • Orwellian doublespeak hallmark: Theory of Relativity insisting upon an Absolute speed of light.
  • Globes sit in every kindergarten, before children can speak or think critically. Who isn't duped?
  • Excepting the 500 year reign of Jesuit "globe theory" cosmology, all of history records a flat or disc plane.
  • To counter Protestant Reformation 500 years ago, "Globe Earth Theory" was put forth by Vatican controlling all sides (Galileo, Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler) to undermine scripture and lure people back to Papacy as sole path to God. Belief in Jesuits' psyentific "globe theory" is identical to belief in their religious dogma. See Johnny Cirucci youtubes and website.
  • Jeran Campanella - The Flat Earth, Early Explorers, & The Mysterious Polar Regions - consideration of evidence for and against globe/flat theories.
  • Rob Skiba, 100,000 feet (20 miles) balloon cameras show no curvature. Where does the "horizon" actually bend or fall-off? Nowhere; it appears flat when seen through non-distorting lenses. Visible hot-spots belie much smaller sun only several thousand miles away, not 93 million.
  • Triangulation from "official" published "sun angle" at any one time and 3 locations on Earth consistently reveals sun only several thousand miles distant.
  • GPS "turned off" on all 'southern hemisphere' flights
  • Absurdly triangular and much longer on globe, all southern-hemisphere flight paths and emergency "detour" flight paths make perfect sense (i.e., most-direct and shortest-routes) only on flat disc.
  • Ridiculously disjointed eclipse paths make perfect smooth ellipses on flat map.
  • ISS path is smoothly ellipsoid on flat earth map.
  • 90 degrees minus supposed 23.4 degree "tilt" of Earth = 66.6 degrees, scriptural hallmark of the Beast.
  • "Sea level". Never "sea curve".
  • Rob Skiba -- "Over the horizon" sunrise/sunset, growing/shrinking, rising/setting effects replicated on desktop with lensing due to glass of water.
  • Noble gases exposed to high-voltage in test tubes replicate atmospheric color spectrum.
  • Tropospheric heat layers - Brian Mullin
  • Bedford level experiment shows no curve.
  • All gyroscopes show that planes fly level, not constantly "dipping nose down" to maintain constant altitude versus a "constantly dropping away" surface of a supposed globe. On a supposed globe whose size the Jesuits have insisted is ~24,000 miles equatorial diameter, the calculated "drop" at 10 miles distance is 66.6 feet. The consequent "spin" velocity of such a globe is 1,000 mph at the equator: Nearly Mach 1, the speed of sound in air.
  • MIT prof Lewin inadvertently disproves Jesuits' "globe earth" theory during basic physics lesson

    "When the plane turns, the direction of spin angular momentum will not change." (MIT Prof Walter Lewin, 45:05 into video)

    This is equally true when the plane tilts up or down. A plane that flies 200 miles in a straight and level line will see the (globe) earth "drop off" 5 miles beneath it. (Formula for drop-off on Jesuit globe of 25,000 miles circumference is miles squared times 8 inches -- 200 miles, times 200 miles, times 8 inches per mile, divided by 12 inches per foot, divided by 5,280 feet per mile, equals 5 miles) -- so, any plane that flies 200 miles should have the "globe" Earth drop off away underneath of it by 5 miles height.

    The problem is, of course, that the earth does not drop-off, because the globe earth theory is untrue -- a level-flying plane will remain the same height above the (flat) earth without adjusting or compensating for drop-off, which only exists in globe theory not reality.

    Possibly, the Jesuits / Vatican introduced their "globe earth" theory as part of their counter-Reformation, presumably to undermine scripture (and thus the Protestant Reformation) and lure people back to Pope as sole path to God?

    Believing the Jesuits' globe theory is identical to believing any of their other psyence dogma.

  • Light refraction experiments disprove spinning globe or moving Earth. Derisively named "Airy's Failure" - proved incoming starlight is moving, detected by stationary telescope afixxed to stationary Earth.
  • Similar to Michelson-Morley experiment, Sagnac experiment shows that Aether does exist, demolishing Relativity, the Jesuit-inspired, Zionically-hyped "Einstein terror". (Henrik Palmgren conversation with Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Christopher describes the evidence pointing to Albert Einstein's plagiarism of Hendrik Lorentz and countless other physicists in his development of the theory of relativity. Christopher talks about Einstein the Zionist and the "Einstein Terror" – a Semitic method of suppression that was used to literally terrorize, threaten, imprison and drug anyone who dared question the Einstein dogmatism. See also Einstein & The Zionist Agenda. See also Einstein plagiarized Lorentz, Poincare, De Pretto.)

  • From every point on the Jesuit globe, all time-lapse night photography always shows one star [North Star in northern hemisphere, Sigma Octantis in the southern] as the only fixed/stationary star [or point] in the center of a wildly whirling record of star-light-trails. Never is any evidence recorded of Earth's Jesuit-claimed 66,000 miles/hour whirling around its Sun; never does any evidence show the Earth's absurdly-theorized 468,000 miles/hour careening around its supposed galactic-central black hole; and don't forget the 1,000 miles per hour spinning traversal at the equator! The inconvenient yet consistently observed circularly-spun starlight is inexplicable but on a stationary Earth. Moreover, the claimed "axial tilt" is, curiously, 90 degrees - 23.4 degrees = 66.6 degrees. Can you see?
  • Everything about "aliens" is still lacking even one single bit of independently verifiable evidence -- "other worlds" are equally-accurately and probably more plausibly (sanely?) understood as merely thawed-puddle-neighbors in an infinite plane of flat-disc / "flat-earth" ice. But since there's no evidence of that either, probably the whole thing, ALLLLL OF IT, is conjecture. You might as well -- with equal validity -- insist that some pigs can fly.
  • Electric Universe www & vid
  • Andrew Hall: Eye of the Electric Storm
  • Google's poisonous plan to cover the Earth with wifi from hot-air balloons -- poisonous and nutty: Why use balloons when "satellites" are supposedly available?
  • Growing evidence suggests Edgar Allan Poe (celebrated author/thinker of his time) was poisoned by Jesuits to silence him. Poe's childhood home was adjunct to Fordham University (Jesuit stronghold). Poe was poisoned in Baltimore, Catholic bastion in America. Catholic magazine boasts close, card-playing comraderie of Jesuits and Poe. Poe's final, longest, and self-proclaimed greatest work (yet strangely ignored by Zionic mass media and even actively mocked and denigraded by US Park Police at Philadelphia Poe Museum), EUREKA!, countered Jesuit cosmology by positing that an incomprehensively vast universe with so many stars would therefore not be dark but brighter than midday.
  • Leuren Moret reveals her discoveries about the military order calling itself the Society of Jesus / Jesuits. Beware: Jan Irvin / Gnostic Media has linked Leuren's long-time collaborator, A. L. Webre to Jesuitical influences, and recall how They 'preempt, play and control all sides'.
  • More holes in Jesuit/Vatican "globe theory"
    1. If earth was rotating and moving around sun, time-lapse starlight trails would not be (only and always) concentric.
    2. North Star visible from "southern" hemisphere. If earth were a ball, its fat ("oblate spheroid") equator would hide north star from everyone in the "bottom" half.
    3. Flight times should vary wildly depending on travel with or against the "spin"; instead, both flight times are equal excepting wind and weather, proving no Coriolis effect. Also, if earth were rotating, northward or southward flight paths would need be diagonal to compensate for rotation.
    4. Sunbeam angles and bright spots from sun on oceans prove a small, nearby sun, 3,000 miles instead of 93 million miles.
    5. Differing length of days at north pole vs south pole.
    6. High-altitude cameras reveal a flat horizon in all directions. Also, Cross country and cross continent flights reveal a flat horizon in all directions.
    7. Crescent moon not caused by earth shadow -- "setting" sun and crescent moon both visible in sky at same time prove Earth not "between" them casting shadow on moon. Also, stars seen "through" darkened moon indicate transluscence.
    8. "South pole treaty" gloats the longest and strictest agreement amongst most number of nations in known human history.
    9. Reckoning of sea travels along Antarctica consistently skewed off-course.
    10. Numerous examples of proven frauds committed by NASA.
    11. Constant logical fallacies levelled against real scientific inquiry -- why?
    12. All known religions cite a flat earth; only 500 year-old Jesuit cosmology (presumably made to counter the scripture validating the Protestant Reformation) differs in known human history.
    13. No person physically senses the Jesuit-theorized Mach-1 whirl at the equator, nor a 66,000 mph rotation around sun, nor a 670 million mph trajectory amidst galaxy. All measurable and discernible evidence indicates stationary, flat earth; only Jesuit psyence dogmatically insists otherwise.
    14. Sun angles, triangulated from any three cities at any given time, always intersect at a sun whose distance is in the near-neighborhood of thousands of miles, not dozens of millions.

If Earth is a globe, evidence shows it is not the size or shape vehemently insisted upon by Vatican / Jesuits for centuries. Everything "you know" about globe earth you got from someone else, who got it from lying governments, murder-cult militaries, zealotrous religions, and Zionically bent western psyence.   What if they really did just make the whole thing up? How would you know otherwise? The bigger the lie...

Cloud Seeding / Weather Control / Geo-Engineering

  • USAF : Owning the Weather by 2025 -- that's only a few years, are they total braggarts who control nothing, or are they instead allowing or even causing the increasingly anomalous weather?
  • Air Force Research Lab : Confirms HAARP finding that atmospheric vortexing (that appears as atmospheric rings) are formed above any high-frequency pulsed radiation -- such as from HAARP or EISCAT, such as from (remote controllable) NEXRAD RADAR installed at every airport. Research details SCALAR waves using two or more beams, re Thomas Bearden. Ball Lightning. Controlled localized super-excited plasma. Youtuber DUTCHSINSE, who has predicted over 400 tornadoes day in advance using only HAARP RINGs appearing on RADAR websites:

    Links to the government experiments proving HAARP "rings" made of plasma, along with everything else shown in this video can be seen in text here:

    All the documentation from the past 6 years of research on this topic of Plasma Rings induced by Radio Wave pulses , RADAR, HAARP and much more here: WANT TO KNOW ABOUT HAARP, WEATHER MODIFICATION, GEO-ENGINEERING

    The US Military (Air Force Research Laboratory) has confirmed that a Plasma ring forms in a bullseye – RING shape when targeted high frequency radio waves interact with the upper Atmosphere at a certain resonant frequency.

    Experiments were done using HAARP to produce plasma rings, and super heating in the atmosphere, RADAR was used to observe the plasma rings (the plasma rings show up on microwave RADAR as reflective regions, showing up like precipitation ).

    In the past, many people came to my videos (and posts) literally denying this plasma ring formation was "possible". Saying I didn't understand radio waves, RADAR, microwaves etc.. saying plasma rings could not be seen on RADAR as well.

    These denying people said that the rings we were seeing appear across multiple systems were all sorts of things... claiming the pulses were just glitches, Birds and Bugs, Bats, and Background Clutter, and even saying the pulses were photoshops fakes! (just to name a few of the now debunked excuses people tried to give over the years).

    People came to my pages, professionals took to the media, forums were created against me, all saying it was impossible for radio waves to cause heating, or to create plasma rings.

    Many people even called me a conspiracy theorist for saying HAARP rings were being generated by pulses of Radio Frequency.

    Now we come to find out that AT THE SAME TIME I was being being slammed for researching "HAARP rings", the US Military was conducting HAARP ring studies.

    To the many people who claimed it was "impossible" for rings to be formed by Radio wave pules, and said it was "impossible" to see Plasma on RADAR... you were wrong. It is now proved via military tests that your denials were fallacious.

    I was accused of fraud, photoshopping the rings, and said to be a "mad scientist" for proposing the RADAR pulses were causing plasma heating , wind rotation in the upper atmosphere / lower ionosphere.

    Now, here in 2016, FIVE long years after the online persecutions began towards me .. five years too late... we come to find documentation from November 9, 2011 proves my whole theory.

    Not only is it POSSIBLE to create plasma rings using pulses of Radio waves, but it was done multiple times in experiments.

    This doesn't just occur at HAARP in Alaska, but can occur with any HF pulse of radio waves at a certain harmonic. Multiple harmonics produce the plasma rings, and multiple RADAR systems can be used to observe OR CREATE the plasma rings in question.

    Plasma rings can be created by all sorts of pulses of Radio waves, and it can occur at multiple resonant frequencies (as seen in past AIM mirror experiments by the US Navy). We're not just talking about HF radio waves, but VHF, UHF, and beyond.

  • Dutchsinse/Youtube -- 11/27/2011 -- TITAN storm tracking developed for tracking CLOUD SEEDING / weather modification.
  • CAUGHT - creating storms out of clear sky.
  • Proof of weather modification that inverts forecast -- "10/28/2011 -- Pros call for sunny week = 'HAARP rings' call for storms"
  • CAUGHT - Ultra-powerful atmospheric RADAR blast so intense it exceeds normal by over 31 million times, and exceeds 75dB measurement range. -- Every NEXRAD RADAR installed at every airport is capable of this powerful bursting, via remote control from NOAA / USGS / Military.

youtuber "DUTCHSINSE" explains Weather Modification via microwave blasts, scalar energy using patents, public RADAR and weather info, military documents

The Slew of Foisted and Controlled "Experts"

The useful idiots who zestfully if unwittingly mislead away from truth are almost constantly those empowered, foisted, propelled by the Powers That Shouldn't Be, who keep truth secret to their benefit. See Thomas Sheridan's explanation of useful demonic forces.

  • James Randi -- headquartered in a northern Virginia building whose only other tenant is a massive military contractor. googlemap to verify.
  • Orion's Belt astronomical / star alignment of Giza Pyramids -- outed as not really aligned ---
  • Zecharia Sitchin headquarters was in Rockefeller Center, NYC -- epicenter of Anti-Americana --

    Page 405 David Rockefeller's MEMOIRS "Some even believe we [Rockefeller family] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - One World, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

  • Einstein - Saint Einstein
  • Marie Curie
  • Brian Coxx
  • Neil DeGrass Tyson
  • Michio Kaka
  • Bill Gates - Father involved with Planned Parenthood for decades. Every bug in Microsoft costs humanity millions of man-years. What a perfectly Satanic means of lifetime consumption? Now funding "vaccines" to sterilize and depopulate.
  • Jeff Bezos -- Father involved in military, Monsanto, etc. On track to becoming most massive spy and control outlet of all goods -- more than 50% of online sales/charges go thru Amazon. AWS cloud datacenters. Massive, unbridled, yet foolishly embraced / welcomed concentration of control.

Bloodlines & Intriguesters

Dark Ages faked -- Jacob Scaliger's and the Jesuits' false history, timeline: Weaponized chronology, archaeology, anthropology

Medieval and Ancient History, a total invention of the Jesuits -- the "The omnipresent BC / AD chronology that we 'all know' today was in fact created entirely by a handful of Jesuits in the 16th and 17th centuries.": Joseph Scaliger, Dionysius Petavius, and successors. Defaming the Jesuits with mathematical truth is one Primary Reason Gary Kasparov was 'vanished' from popular culture, media attention, and cultural awareness -- He wrote the introduction to Anatoly Fomenko's tome, "History: Fiction or Science?", which scientifically, verifiably, and damningly exposes the Jesuits as significant falsifiers of world history: "This book will change your entire perception of history forever. What if 'Ancient Rome', Greece and Egypt were [entirely] invented during the Renaissance? What if the 'Old Testament' was a rendition of events in the 'Middle Ages'? What if Jesus Christ was born in 1053 A.D. and crucified in 1086 A.D.? Sound unbelievable? Not after you've read [these books], the leading mathematician of our time." -- Gary Kasparov, world chess grand champion, 11:30 into youtube

Demonica, Diabolique, Magick, Energy Combatants

Delphi Technique, Psy Weapon

Developed by RAND for DoD in 1950s as a Cold War psy weapon. Now used in town meetings, churches, "public" gatherings to splinter groups and silence their members.

Mental Health Hoaxes - drugs to depopulate

Cancer - the profitable "slow kill" depopulator

  • Dr Tulio Simoncini - noticed all cancers are white; suggests cancer is a fungus, candida albicans; found old medical texts describing use of 5% sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in water as cure. youtubes and ebook
  • Dr Nicholas Gonzalez (now Dr Isaacs) - noticed pancreatic cancer oddly kills quickest, due to loss of pancreatic enzyme production -- Proposes 3 part cure: (1) tuned diet; (2) pancreatic enzymes given in tablet form; (3) coffee enema, to cause toxin release from liver. Claimed to have 90+% effectiveness on at least 100 patients (published with full medical records). Dr Mercola and google. Enzymes and Cancer.
  • Dr Stanislaw Burzynski Clinic (Texas) - The Burzynski clinic in Houston, Texas is an excellent cancer clinic led by Polish-born Dr. Burzynski. It is said to be especially beneficial for brain cancers of children but is also said to be very successful with curing several other types of cancer. The protocol is called "anti neoplaston." The Burzynski clinic has been mercilessly attacked by the FDA, National Cancer Institute, and every possible Texas medical authority, ad nauseum. This persecution has been going on for more than a decade; apparently, a true cancer cure would quickly halt expensive (profitable) treatments. google
  • Dr Coldwell - on diet, lifestyle, body pH balance (alkalinity). youtubes -- Dr Caldwell observed western medicine has about 2% "cure" rate from chemotherapy and other treatments (many are killed within months, most within a few years). Persons who 'do nothing' have a 27% survival rate. This jives with the "dead doctors don't lie" quip and the predatory health-care shenanigans stemming from depopulative leadership and cut-first mentality of corporations that profit more by 'managing' and treating a long, slow demise versus quickly and fully curing anything.
  • Dr Tim Smith - on GcMAF and Nagalase. ebook and youtubes -- "Can it be: A cure for early metastatic cancer and HIV that appears to work 100% of the time, and that almost nobody knows about? A research-proven cancer therapy: GcMAF is an human protein that activates specific immune cells (macrophages) that attack and destroy cancer cells. A high level of 'Nagalase' in the blood indicates the presence of cancer. Nagalase, made by all cancer cells, blocks the immune response by sabotaging the production of GcMAF. This enables cancer to grow and spread. Without Nagalase, cancer cells wouldn't have a chance: our immune system's macrophage cells would just gobble them up When, in cancer patients, Nagalase has crippled normal production of GcMAF, administering it via injection bypasses the Nagalase-induced paralysis of the immune response. GcMAF injections re-activate the immune cells which then aggressively destroy cancer cells. The result is tumor shrinkage, cancer remission, and lower Nagalase levels. ... On November 19, 2008 something touched my life and changed it forever. I had just completed my second book, Outsmarting The Number One Killer (about how to prevent and reverse atherosclerotically-driven heart attacks and strokes) when I came across three seminal studies published earlier that year by internationally recognized research immunologist and molecular biologist, Nobuto Yamamoto, Ph.D. These pivotal papers -- which will, I believe, change the course of medical history -- blew me away: Yamamoto had apparently discovered a way to 'outsmart' cancer, and was using the body's own natural healing systems to do it. GcMAF (glycoprotein macrophage activating factor) and Nagalase (alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase)."
  • Radiation suppresses immune system - microwave radiation (cell phones, wifi, cordless devices, smart meters) perhaps similarly suppresses immune system, allowing cancer fungus to grow. The sudden, extreme proliferation of cell phones and wifi might explain the mysterious but now nearly-50% 'cancer epidemic' and the onslaught of other diseases and autism.
  • G. Edward Griffin documentary on Vitamin B-17 / amygdalin, laetrile - apple seeds, apricot seeds. youtubes
  • Dr Mercola - noted that 98% of cancer patients also had a root canal; possible chronic source of fungal or other infection, and against there's that cancer--fungus connection with candida albicans ("bad-breath mouth germs") noted by Dr Tulio Simoncini. youtubes and
  • Rick Simpson's Run From the Cure on youtube
  • Dr. Tent - Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - the weaponized cancer virus / Oswald (JFK) link outed by Judyth Vary Baker, Ed Haslam and others.
  • Dr Mary's Monkey makes most interesting links amongst cancer, cuba, JFK, Oswald, the military, bio-weapons, and the medical / cancer / anti-cancer establishment. Beware, however, as all involved in the story with its sudden emergence appear to be tribesmen.

What the Hell Happened to Dr. Sherman

The JFK / Oswald / Ruby / Ferrie / Military / Cancer / Cuba mystery nobody knew.

Intertwined with the weaponization of cancer virus.

Vaccines, Vaccination, AMA, Medicide & Big Pharma

Zika, Ebola, H1N1 vs. picoSilver

(picoSilver is nanoidal + colloidal silver water, Nature's germ fighter)

Jan Irvin's Mil-Intel BRAIN Database

Behind, beneath, beyond the "One World" globalism

UN/UNESCO: 'Educated people are less sustainable than poor people' - page 12 on -- Rationalizing your stupefication or elimination: Stupid or dead. Which one are you, in their utopia?


"He who dares not offend can not be honest." - Thomas Paine

Sanity, Clarity -- To see History as myriad conjoining and conflicting conspiracies.