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Fri 2 Dec 2022

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These are sources we believe to be sincere truth seekers and tellers. We allow that people sometimes make honest mistakes. Email us your reasoning if you find that modification is due.

Aug 2018

We like much of the information being gathered and presented by APlaneTruth.Info -- but there is growing, nagging suspicion that he is a shill.

Here's why:

  1. Listen to this video: is a shill and disinformation

    by youtuber "Eric 777"

    Eric 777 traces Jamie Lee (APlaneTruth) supposed work to New Zealand real-estate development fim. Jame Lee's alma mater, New College of California, was Jesuit-founded, but the New College founder, a Jesuit from Gonzaga Univ, was outed as paedophile; NCoC then closed in 2008.

  2. Read the comments:

    "1:15: "There are Jesuit tentacles all over this Flat Earth psyop." --- yes, but this has always been true ---- They CREATE and RUN all sides, and thus control all opposition. Galileo, Copernicus, Brahe and Kepler were all Vatican/Jesuit controlled. It has been suggested that Protestant Reformation itself was created/fomented by Vatican.

    "The PROOF is the ever-growing number of videos made by APlaneTruth --- and the incredible amount of video clips and pictures --- managing and collating that huge amount of files, data, information, and bringing it together quickly, cogently, professionally -- that it PROOF that it is not the work of a single person, nor of even a small team. It is funded, focused, empowered from on-high, or below, as the case may be. THAT you can count on.

    "Confirming here that APlaneTruth has plagiarized research without giving proper credit/sources.

    "His money source is not apparent -- APT seems to be able to spend full-time on making youtube but yet there's no obvious funding source from all that work.

    "Hey Eric, do you distrust all Jesuit educated? Just trying to figure it out. Does Jeranism present false info about flat earth?

    "It's not necessarily distrust because the Jesuit-educated necessarily do anything 'evil' on-purpose, it's more distrust because of the particular mindset, the educational patterns inculcated into the students. When you fashion and meld and sharpen tools in certain ways, it's for a reason later on, and you generally know how and intend to use them.


  • APlaneTruth (youtuber) - --
  • Joe Atwill - w/ Jan Irvin -- but see this
  • Jeanice Barcelo - satanified medical system / birthing process
  • Ken Adachi -
  • Judyth Vary Baker - JFK / Lee Oswald
  • Dr Nancy Turner Banks - Aids, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire - AIDS patients are deficient in Glutathione (contains Sulphur) - particular metabolic imbalance - relates to Dr Stephanie Seneff
  • Dr Nick Begich - Angels Don't Play This HAARP, EMF, mind control
  • Christopher Jon Bjerknes - Saint Einstein - 2,000+ footnotes documenting Einstein science fraud
  • Dr Russell Blaylock - nano, neuro, vaccines
  • Dr Carmen Boulter - Pyramid Code, Hawara underground complex
  • Vincent Bridges, Enochian angelic magic, John Dee 007, Nicholas Roehrich
  • Mae Brussell
  • Dr Zach Bush - diatomacious earth / RESTORE product (for 'leaky gut' caused by Monsanto Glyphosate)
  • Dr Caldwell - cancer
  • Dr Cantwell
  • Dr Carley -
  • cfapps7865 - youtube - geo/archaeo
  • Clifford Carnicom - - chemtrails, morgellons
  • Johnny Cirucci - Mig Mag / Jesuits, Vatican (see Eric Jon Phelps)
  • Dr John Coleman - Committee of 300
  • James Corbett - Corbett Report - smart reporting
  • Dr Maurice Cotterell - Secrets of the Supergods, Sunspot Cycles, Maurice Cotterell
  • Ole Dammegard
  • Dr Bill Deagle
  • Directed Energy Professionals Society -
  • Mark Devlin - mass media mind control
  • Douglas Dietrich - renegade military historian, Satanism in military
  • Directed Energy Professionals Society - website predates 9/11, huge military-industrial manufacturers of microwave, directed energy weapons
  • Eric Dollard - electricity, Tesla energy, Truth vs Einstein
  • Klaus Dona
  • Dutchsinse (youtube) -- 400 accurate tornado predictions, ultimate collection of HAARP info
  • Jay Dyer
  • youtuber "Eric 777"
  • Dr Jim Fetzer - 2003 JFK Symposium, 9/11, Sen. Paul Wellstone (suspicious of him because he menaced Dr Judy Wood)
  • Brien Foerster - elongated skulls, Peru
  • Elana Freeland - 5G / microwaves
  • David Flynn - Cydonia
  • Freeman Fly & Friendship Agenda - freemasonry, Illuminati, secret societies, weird stuff
  • Fullterton Informer
  • John Taylor Gatto - What's wrong with public edukation
  • - Monsanto GMO Round-Up terminator seeds
  • Mary Greeley - mary greeley news
  • G. Edward Griffin - federal reserve, chemtrails, cancer, Creature From Jekyll Island (Federal Reserve)
  • grindall61 (youtube) - Agenda 21
  • Manly P. Hall - Royal Society member, controlled teller
  • Richard D. Hall - Richplanet TV
  • Dr Darrell Y. Hamamoto -- youtube - Terrible Truth about Universities and youtube - Darrel Hamamoto -- also youtube.
  • Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval
  • Edward Haslam - Dr Mary's Monkey
  • Dr Magda Havas - electrosmog
  • William Henry - investigative mythologist -
  • Higher Side Chats
  • Dr Leonard Horowitz
  • Jim Humble / MMS
  • Suzanne Humphries, MD -- vaccine truth (per Joe Atwill/Jan Irvin)
  • Information Liberation
  • Jan Irvin - Gnostic Media / UnSpun youtubes - exceptional, particularly this
  • Dr Isaacs - continuing the anti-cancer treatment work of Dr Gonzalez
  • Charlotte Iserbyt - miseducation of America, Deliberate Dumbing Down
  • John Judge - youtube
  • Dr Eric Karlstrom
  • Dr Rauni Kilde
  • Rosa Koire - Behind Green Mask - Behind the Green Mask - Smart meters, control - How UN Agenda 21 will destroy you - Globalist Death Plan - Corbett
  • Rosa Koire - Agenda 21
  • Dr Rima Laibow - Natural Solutions Foundation - Health Freedom
  • Ed Leedskalnin, Coral Castle
  • David Lifton - JFK/Zapruder film
  • Peter Levenda - extremely solid delving into occult information
  • Cort Lindahl, Geomantic Info Sys, Axis Mundi
  • Henry Makow -
  • Eugene Mallove - new energy
  • Jim Marrs -
  • Dave McGowan - Music, Mind-control, Military
  • Dr Mercola -
  • Mia's New Pair of Glasses (youtube user)
  • Microwave News - Lewis Slesin
  • Lord Monkton on AGENDA 21 Globalist Death Plan
  • Dr Stan Monteith - mercury, vaccines
  • Leuren Moret - Depleted Uranium
  • Andreas Moritz, - excellent health info
  • Brian Mullin ("Balls Out Physics" on youtube) - Flat Earth engineering
  • Eustace Mullins - Murder by Injection -
  • Carl Munck - Pyramid Code 10,000 pyramids on global grid - not chance, accurate to 10 digits
  • Natural News - Health Ranger - testing, toxicology, food, GMO
  • newearth (youtube) -
  • Dr Gary Null - Dead Doctors Don't Lie, FDA, cocaine
  • Dr Samir Osmanagich - Bosnian Pyramids - world's biggest, oldest, so far discovered
  • Off Planet Media (youtube)
  • Mark Passio
  • Wes Penre
  • Eric John Phelps - on Jesuits, Vatican
  • Rosalind Peterson - Chemtrails, California Sky Watch
  • Chris Pinto - Adullam Films
  • Fletcher Prouty - Bay of Pigs
  • John Rappoport - logic, no more fake news
  • Dr David Rasnick
  • Red Ice Creations
  • Jeff Rense -
  • RFB Ritchie From Boston - youtuber
  • Sage of Quay Radio
  • Neil Sanders - Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own - MK, mind control
  • Dr Len Saputo - Health News Forum; AIDS; medicide
  • Bill Schnoebelen - Medical Conspiracy
  • Dr Robert Selig - copper tox
  • Robert Sepehr - youtubes
  • Dr Rupert Sheldrake
  • Dr Tullio Simoncini - cancer is fungus, Candida Albicans, killed with 5% baking soda solution
  • Rob Skiba - Flat Earth experiments
  • Len Skolnick
  • Sofia Smallstorm - youtube
  • Fritz Springmeier - Illuminati bloodlines, MK ULTRA mind control
  • Dr Robert Strecker - AIDS/HIV hoax
  • Anthony Sutton - Psychotronics youtube
  • Deborah Tavares - electrosmog / NASA kill plan; Agenda 21, Directed Energy Weapons, EMF- - Smart meters, soft-kill - NASA war docu
  • Technocracy News
  • Stan Tenen - meru foundation (despite his apparent unfortunate protracted legal and possible personality tiffs with Dan Winter)
  • Dr Cheryl Tenpenny
  • Dr Tent, Ohio
  • Wal Thornhill - Thunderbolts Project -
  • Tracy Twyman - demonology
  • Dr Hans Utter
  • Walter Veith
  • Veritas Radio - Mel Fabregas
  • Alan Watt
  • Jay Weidner - Exposes how Kubrick did the Moon Hoax
  • Dr John Anthony West - Egypt
  • Wheat Belly, Wheat Murder
  • Dane Wiggington - - chemtrails, depopulation - Collapse of Biosphere - chemtrails
  • Dan Winter - golden mean, vortex, fractality, implosion
  • Dr Judy Wood - 9/11 evidence - DEW, Hutchison Effect, Field effects -

  • Stirling Allen - new energy news, Rossi E-cat Energy Catalyzer -- Allen unfortunately involved in serious legal troubles (self-confessedly, on youtube) involving paedophilia. We believe his PESN new energy news site was genuine and important. We will see what becomes of the Rossi E-cat (now at least 8 years ongoing). It was interesting that (1) 12 hours after the announcement of Cold Fusion, the Exxon Valdez maritime disaster happened; and (2) 12 hours after Rossi E-cat international press conference, the Italian cruise ship maritime disaster happened.